Whimsy Wednesday :: this year’s cutesy Game of Thrones roundup.

9 Apr

Because I figure there might be better selections for some things this year.  Another cutesy merch roundup pertaining to house sigils, like last year’s.

House Stark: Scene Wolf Tee, ModCloth.  (Once again, Starks-as-hipsters.  I feel like you’re always going to find wolf t-shirts.)

House Targaryen: Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Dragon Girl, NARS.  (An appropriate Targaryen red.)

House Lannister: Lion Detail Drop Earrings, Anne Klein.  (They’re not quite as detailed of lions as the usual Lannister pieces, but they’re gold and suitable.)

House Baratheon: I’m Going Stag Sweater, ModCloth.  (Decidedly down-homier and cuddlier than any of the Baratheons, really, but it’ll do.)

House Greyjoy: Kind of a Swig Deal Flask, ModCloth.  (No proper kraken merchandise this year, but that’s a good enough octopus.)

House Tully: Gilded Gills New Heirloom Necklace, ModCloth.  (When we thought my mom might be Cat for Halloween, we found a fish necklace to deconstruct for her pin.  This one is better.)

House Arryn: Extra Soar-age Shower Caddy, ModCloth.  (Another substitution of white birds for falcons.)

House Tyrell: Fab Flowers Frontal Necklace, Betsey Johnson.  (Some golden roses and then a black one ’cause you don’t f with the Tyrells nope.)

House Martell: Campfire of the Sun Necklace, ModCloth.  (An abstract interpretation, but it totally looks like something Ellaria or someone would wear, so there)

House Mormont: Bear a Resemblance Earmuffs, ModCloth.  (I don’t even know.)

–your fangirl heroine.

this is a face of necessary manners


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