Sarcastic Saturday :: a brief tangent on overfamiliarity

5 Apr

Def.: when a stranger (or acquaintance you aren’t particularly comfortable with) does something like touch you or make assumptions about your personal life or address you with overly friendly nicknames without asking.

It’s something that I imagine people have always done, but I just can’t help but get cranky.  Despite the fact that I am very prone to touching close friends if they are the sort to allow it, I really do not like being touched by people I don’t know (well) or care for.  It’s nothing against them as people, I just don’t want them in my space.  I’m lucky to have avoided problematic instances of this particular thing, but I know that they happen and it makes me very upset and also anxious.  And I will honey/dear/love/sweetling/mèimeimy friends all day long, but I do not want strangers calling me these names.

And it’s usually older people who do these things, and usually men who do the touching parts especially.

Shockingly, this is not (as I have been told) a result of the fact that my generation just likes to put up arbitrary boundaries in the name of political correctness or whatever.  This is not because people just used to be nicer and now we’re all up in our own heads.  This is because I personally do not like being addressed familiarly by strangers and I am well within my rights to not like it when a strange man pats my shoulder.

If you don’t mind that, that’s fine too.  People can be okay with whatever they want.  But I personally am not okay with that, because even if it’s meant innocently it’s still someone getting in my personal space without asking me, and that’s really the issue, when you get down to it: personal space, physical or emotional, is something that should involve both parties’ mutual agreement.

–your fangirl heroine.

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