Fictional Friday :: 5 more x3 women I’d love to invent an alternate canon for

4 Apr

5, 4.  Allison Argent and Lydia Martin (Crystal Reed and Holland Roden, Teen Wolf)
I don’t even properly watch Teen Wolf, like I’ve said.  I saw the first few episodes and went “ehh, probably not for me,” then went on the internet and realized that it was definitely not for me based on what I was hearing, mostly about how it handled its ladies.  Allison and Lydia are the only ones that I met in any detail, though, and so they’re the ones I feel licensed to comment on, especially in regards to the Allison’s death debacle that I’ve been seeing explode all over the internet.  Yes, Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show, and that’s fine and dandy, but there are ways to leave shows without dying horribly in a way that seems, from what I can see, rather narratively unfortunate (and made me think about other things that made me upset in turn).  Also, Allison and Lydia are apparently a popular lady ship, so I admit that endears them to me further and inspires me to suggest they have their own television series, or possibly film franchise, wherein they go to college and have a healthy romantic friendship and solve supernatural crime together and have beautiful hair like always and nobody dies.

3.  Myrcella Baratheon (A Song of Ice and Fire, Aimee Richardson in Game of Thrones)
Poor sweet Myrcella.  I won’t drop book not-quite-spoilers here, out of respect for my friends who haven’t read the things, but Myrcella is a sweet little girl and deserves none of the mess she’s born into or thrown around in.  And I just can’t see things ending well for her, which saddens me somewhat and is one of the reasons I want to name a future kitten after her.  I’m not quite sure where I want her to end up, but probably somewhere modern and, you know, without incest parents.  That would be cool.

2, 1.  Willa Burrell and Nicole Wright (Amelia Rose Blaire and Jurnee Smollett-Bell, True Blood)
How I narrowed this down: everyone who was introduced prior to season 6 at least has the events of seasons 1-5, which were sometimes awful but at least somewhat got… not fixed but dealt with in ways (oh Tara I’m so sorry I subconsciously let myself be swayed by other people’s problematic opinions and didn’t aggressively love you from day one in the way that I do now, one of the reasons I want to go back and watch 1-5 from the beginning again is that I want to take the time to properly appreciate you).  I can just hold onto the idea that for them, season 6 (and the forthcoming season 7) did not happen.  Then, Adilyn (Bailey Noble) and her poor dead sisters basically need the specific context of this show to exist, sadly, and while what happened to them should have been avoided at all costs, that’s about where the specific ideas stop.  Willa and Nicole could at least theoretically exist in a different context and that wouldn’t be hard to imagine.  I want Willa to get to be the heroine of her own coming-of-age novel, one that actually has a resolution and doesn’t just drop her plotline when something else comes up.  And Nicole?  Well, either an indie film or cable half-hour dramedy series about her (a theoretically interesting not white girl!!) and her friends (I’m pretty sure they were white, but they wouldn’t all have to be) having various misadventures in attempted activism, but not one that belittles their optimism or good intentions or anything, and possibly involves semi-regular illegal shenanigans.

–your fangirl heroine.

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One Response to “Fictional Friday :: 5 more x3 women I’d love to invent an alternate canon for”

  1. Tonks May 2014 at 9:45 am #

    I am totally with you on the Allison and Lydia one. And this is why I love fanfiction. If you want something to happen alternatively from canon, someone has probably already written a novel-length fic about it and it’s glorious.

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