Whimsy Wednesday :: in which the nature of friendship is discussed in multiple ways.

2 Apr

Teeeaching the Crusaders to… do things? Magic lessons for Sweetie? Reconstructing things lessons for Scoots? Research lessons for Scoots? Potion making lessons for Abbie? Apparently lessons that none of them are doing well at. Whoops.

And now Diamond Tiara is… showing off but failing at showing off and abusing her butler in the process? That’s not cool. Diamond Tiara is such a jerk. What is her cutie mark in, being a jerk?

“Plus, she has wings.” “And she’s an alicorn.” I thought that’s what… being an alicorn meant…?

The tiny jerk ponies are total suckups.

Poor Twi. Being surrounded by that many colts and fillies would be so terrifying. And it looks like that’s what is going to happen. The poor dear is going to have to deal with all of the Crusaders’ classmates. Sweetie, what are you doing. Don’t even.

I mean, I guess Twi likes sharing knowledge and teaching things and stuff, so this would be good for her, but it seems horrifying to me. Also it’s confusing because nobody seemed to be making a deal about her being a princess until right now?

Now they’re the coolspotters by virtue of being coincidentally friends with the princess? And this is going to be a moral lesson about why friendships based on arbitrary Stuff are foolish. Friendships that are bartered are ineffective.

But Twi is gonna teach everyone the things because Twi knows about things.

And now Twi is gonna deal with them by making them do the things, and they’ll either actually have done the things or they’ll show that they still need to work on the things and everyone will learn important lessons.

And Twi makes a point of the lesson and they’re going to have learned things and that’s exciting and good and yay they’ve learned they got their priorities mixed up.

Now, it’s a new episode, and Flutter is encouraging everyone to cheer for… breezies…?

So these are like… magic bees or something?

Magic… butterfly… bee… fairy… pony… things?

They… are… Irish…? That one is Irish? The rest of them just squeak.

Waaahhhh angsty Spike shut up.

And now Flutter is magical butterfly bee fairy pony thing-sitting? And Flutter just really doesn’t wanna let them go? ‘Cause she enjoys befriending them…?

It sounds Swedish and Irish too. I am so confused.

Sea Breeze. I. I think these guys were in the original series? I remember there being something named Sea Breeze in the original series, anyway. I could be totally wrong, but it sounds right.

Sea Breeze is also kind of a jerk.

No, all the breezies wanna stay except for Sea Breeze because of… reasons…? They like being spoiled and taken care of and Sea Breeze is going to rant about it in the conveniently indecipherable language now?

That boy pony is wearing a set of sweatbands. That’s odd.

Why don’t any of them want to go home?

But I do sure love it when Flutter attitudes things.

And now Flutter is pointing out to Sea Breeze that sometimes it is not good to be a jerk. That’s effective and good. Flutter is being firm and whatnot, but still nice.

“I love new ideas that make me feel funny at first!”

Now they’re all breezies and they look very silly and they’re all going to fly along and okay so are they going all the way to the place it looks like they are. And Sea Breeze is being not a jerk now and that’s good too.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this was sorta something in the original series. It is giving me déjà vu.

–your fangirl heroine.


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