Sundry Sunday :: Comicon, day 3.

31 Mar

Today was exhausting. Many lovely things happened; also I realized that yesterday I forgot to mention both that J. August Richards is a lovely man and Jim Beaver referred to the cast of Deadwood as being like a family.  Today Alan Tudyk signed a dinosaur for my mother and Eliza Dushku pronounced my name correctly on the first try (this is a very big deal).

Now costumes!

This is what she defines as “lazy-ass Faith” and so here she is threatening Angel-puppet with a stake.

This girl was Kiki of the delivery service, which made me very happy.  I have seen that lots of times because my junior high school Japanese teacher thought it was a good idea to watch it a lot.

I saw a good wedding dress Sansa yesterday too, and both did very nicely on the details of this dress!  Which was exciting.

And this fellow was Moss of The IT Crowd and that is great also!  He had the Internet.

Aaaaand.  I have found yet another variety of Nora to do.  This is 5×01 Nora, just post-explosion of the car/staking of her chauffeur.  This is why there are slight fake wounds on my face and scorch spots on my jacket, and this will be seen in detail on Tuesday also.

–your fangirl heroine.


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