Music Monday :: my thought on The Future’s Void

31 Mar

I have never heard of EMA before, but it’s “pick a random album livestream!!” day, so here we go.

“Satellites.”  Such static noise!  And then clapping!  And then a voice and vibe that… kind of reminds me of Repo! in a way.  A nice way that I am pleased about.  Yes, this is nice and atmospheric.  Actually it reminds me a lot of Repo! and I mean this with the utmost affection.

“So Blonde.”  And this sounds like it should be in the soundtrack for a 90s movie about a rebellious teenage girl.  Also meant with affection.

“3Jane.”  Oh, this is a bit more wistful and also sounds like a movie soundtrack.  Possibly more wistful 2000s though.  A bit indie, like some of Scarlett Johansson’s earlier filmography, Ghost World or Lost in Translation or some such.

“Cthulu.”  Hm, all right.  Also atmospheric.  Somehow a cross between the other three ambiances.  With an emphasis on the fun psycho-dark Repo! vocal stylings.

“Smoulder.”  Yes.  Yes, yum, dark techie rock.  Objectively I get why this isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy the heck out of it in some moods.  Ambient in ways, noisy-fuzzy in some.  This is pleasant to me.

“Neuromancer.”  Oh, hello!  There is a title I like very much.  Complete with percussion and noise that interests me.  I would like to look these lyrics up at some point because in terms of the feel of this, I’m sure I could find uses for it and that is exciting.

“When She Comes.”  This is more of that Scarlett Johansson movie feeling, and I want to look these lyrics up also.  “It’s not too long we’re in this world, so what’d you even come here for?”  That’s a potentially useful one.

“100 Years.”  This sounds like a Game of Thrones fanmix kind of song.  It’s that level of atmospheric-wistful-dark-indie-breathy-whatnot.  And that’s interesting.

“Solace.”  I feel like this is good for a soundtrack, but I can’t quite figure out for what kind of movie yet.  It’s got the right feeling though.  “We make the constellations out of her [?] beauty marks.”  That’s a lovely thought.  And this is a nice mix of the grungy slightly lo-fi electronica and a slightly more “normal” indie.

“Dead Celebrity.”  A nice sort of alluding undertone here, that’s effective and cool beneath the gloomy mourning vocals.  Overall nice fun good.

–your fangirl heroine.

grant me grace


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