Spectacular Summaries Saturday :: Comicon, day 2.

29 Mar

Whoo!  Saturday is our big day, as always.

As with the other con back in September, I was very excited to see a Repo! cosplayer.  I can’t explain to you how much I actually genuinely love that movie.  I might actually try sometime, I’ve been getting very nostalgic about it.

Also, look!  Batwoman!  Yay, thanks friend for previously teaching me who this is.

I was also very excited about seeing Pacific Rim cosplayers.  I’m very sad in retrospect that I didn’t ask the above Kaidanovskys to get a picture of the backs of their jackets also, because they did the details on the backs entirely out of gold and silver safety pins and it was one of the most impressive things I saw all day.  Also, that Newt’s tattoos were drawn by hand (they’re sleeves, but still, and I believe it was the Hermann who drew them?  One of them did, at any rate).

One of the most fun things about cons is, for me, meeting canonmates.  There was an absolutely amazing giant group that I saw yesterday, and another one I saw today (when I mean giant, I mean like… Jaime Cersei Melisandre Sansa Varys Arya Catelyn Ned Robb Jon Ygritte and… a couple of others I’m just blanking on at the moment, I think) and we exchanged pleasantries and accolades, but being that we were on our way somewhere and they were doing something else and so I don’t have a picture.  I talked to this group at length, however, and we were mutually excited the efforts that the other had made; we shared fabric geeking and various tips of the trade and techniques and whatnot.  Also, as you can see here we did in fact upgrade my particular dress, which I will get into further on Tuesday.

And here, again, is my lovely Cersei.  We didn’t do much to upgrade her dress, and while she did actually take a picture with that other group’s Cersei (who had the same dress, although with the armor corset) I don’t have a copy of that either; nonetheless, she is lovely and here she is!

My other lovelies today were Sif and lady!Thor.  Armor and weapons of their own construction and absolutely gorgeous to look at, but they either have explained this on the internet or I will have them explain this on the internet and count them as guestbloggers on Wednesday or something.  Anyway, point is, yay.

Also, this is Sif swearing fealty to Dany.  We have a long and elaborate reasoning for this that involves interdimensional portals and also my friend’s theory about Queen Sif.

And at the end of the day, just as we were leaving, we happened to find this wonderful pair being Loki and Hawkeye; naturally, this meant that Loki had to be battled, both by the three good guys and by just Sif.  (There is also a theory about this.)

–your fangirl heroine.

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