Fictional Friday :: Comicon, day 1.

28 Mar

Yay!  Conventions.  Today was pretty low-key (i.e., throw together MCU whatnot with things we either can buy at regular stores and may otherwise use or already have laying around) as Fridays always are.

This is the only picture I got in proper lighting, because we kept being distracted doing other things like sillies.  But this other Simmons actually found me and demanded a photograph.  It occurs to me that you can’t see the insignia on my lab coat very well, but there is in fact a SHIELD patch sewn over the breast pocket of this lab coat.  Which, thanks to my being Dakota from Planet Terror a few years ago for Halloween, was something I just had laying around anyway.

Because we are sillies, we took the rest of our pictures… in the tiny entryway of the restaurant where we got dinner afterward.  Hence the horribly lazily blacked-out background there.  Here is my everything friend being Pepper Potts.  (That is the wig, incidentally, that my mom has used for Sophie-Anne.)

And here is my other everything friend as Skye.  She is hacking things on that phone.  That is what she’s doing.  My plan is to eventually Photoshop the backgrounds entirely out of these pictures and put them in a slightly more appropriate location, but eh, various associates of SHIELD are often in dark and at least somewhat metal rooms.

Also, here is our requisite Skimmons picture.

–your fangirl heroine.

this actually means everything so



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