Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is almost sort of a love triangle and Flutter has stage fright and whatnot.

26 Mar

Cannot brain. Too much craft. Clearly, ponies are the solution.

Ponyville Days. Aw, this sounds kind of charming. Pony of Ceremonies . And Rarity’s going to organize something super fancy. But given that this episode is called “Simple Ways” I’m going to go ahead and assume there’s going to be some variety of snafu.

How many years has this show been going? Years in canon, I mean. Because they have this festival once a year but we’ve never heard of it before.

Trenderhoof. S’whaaat.

Also, Rarity is the only one of them that ever has crushes, it seems like.

Trenderhoof is kind of a hipster, isn’t he. With his glasses and his argyle cutie mark.

How do ponies kiss? Like do they just…nuzzle.

Oh no. Are you really throwing a love triangle at me? REALLY.

Oh she’s crying mascara tears, which means that explains her crazy eyelashes.

And AJ is not having any of it. It makes sense that the hipster pony is more interested in AJ because she’s like… so unpretentious it’s cool.

Spike, buddy, your crush is weirder though because it is interspecies and how would that make any sense. Also it is clearly unreturned, so maybe stop and if you really care that much about her just leave her alone.

Rarity, sweetling. Your twangy country accent is the crappiest thing I’ve ever heard. Slash, one time I tried to sing along to the Civil Wars in a British accent at it actually came out sounding… something like this. Not quite that bad, but still.

And AJ is… trying to make a point by being Rarity while Rarity is trying to be AJ?

On the other hoof.

Oh, look, Rarity learned a lesson! “Real friends will like you for who you are, and changing yourself to impress them is no way to make new ones.” That’s a nice idea. I mean such things have been learned before, but it’s still nice.

This one is called “Filli Vanilli.” Hm.

Flutter talking to and singing with birds. That’s sweet and nice. Al lof the animals. She is literally Giselle from Enchanted and it’s very lovely.

And everyone’s freaking out about how pretty she can sing.

Seriously you guys though, don’t you know that making Flutter perform is the worst idea in the entire world and you shouldn’t do that??  Babygirl has “shy” in her name. And it’s not like she hasn’t pointed out that she’s got stage fright before, one way or another.

They also have a lot of events in Ponyville.

And the Ponytones are… an acapella group wearing silly cardigans? Of course Big Mac is one of the dudes. I don’t know who the two are that aren’t Rarity or Big Mac, though. They look weird.

And Big Mac clearly is not feeling well. So Flutter is going to have to sing while he lip syncs even though that doesn’t make sense? Or Flutter is just going to join the group. I mean the first would make more sense with the episode title, but.

Oh! time to visit Zecora.

Oh that’s it. She’s going to take the poison joke to somehow take on the bass part. While Big Mac stands on stage and she is singing behind the curtain. There we go.

Now I just need to figure out what the consequence of this is.

They just keep performing everywhere. But also they only have… one song? They should really fix that. Also, why didn’t anyone notice them until this episode?

And now Flutter is so excited the whole thing will be found out.

Oh and it has and now they are a quintet and she’s got a silly sweater and it matches her eyes, so that’s convenient. But they’re not really a quintet but they’re getting there eventually. You can do it Flutter I believe in you baby.

–your fangirl heroine.

i am the queen of smug


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