Television Tuesday :: Game of Thrones cocktails, because everything is smocking.

25 Mar

Which is to say, it’s a convention week I don’t have energy.  Here are some cocktails themed after little brothers of… varying narrative use.


2 shots cake vodka
1 shot cinnamon whiskey
1 shot whiskey
Hot cocoa

This came about from a desire to make liquor cocoa and a discovery that the liquor store was not open at 9:30 or some such on a Saturday night.  Basically it was “here’s the cocoa,” then just pouring things in and seeing if it worked.  It did, and Bran is just a cocoa kind of buddy.  Maybe because I really just want to make him cocoa and whatnot, because I have never had as strong of a protective instinct toward a fictional little boy as I do toward Bran Stark.


2 shots orange curaçao
2 shots cake vodka
Ginger ale
Orange juice

And then you have Quentyn (he’s not in the show yet, so friends who don’t read the books, don’t worry, you haven’t missed him yet), who I have really no feelings about one way or the other.  But here is his drink anyway.

–your fangirl heroine.

hm what


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