Fashion Friday :: wherein I use hipsterstyling to take back a moment.

29 Nov

sansa stark (sophie turner)

I, like many people, was pretty furious that they had Sansa (Sophie Turner) kneel for Tyrion at the wedding (and then had him be all buddy-buddy with him later, etcetera).  The scene in the book was crazy-powerful, but the scene in the show… eh.  Less so.  Anyway, Sansa dear deserves better, hence I’m taking back this moment.  Sort of.

All right, so this dress has a lot of sequins, but the overall shape is pretty accurate and legitimate and let’s be honest, Sansa would be the pseudovintage hipster girl who’s unapologetically sort of a 1950s prom queen but also not.  Twinkling at Twilight Dress, ModCloth.

plethora of poise cape (modcloth)

This… well.  This is black and white, not gray and white, but it’s the closest I can get, I feel.  It’s a cape because that’s the closest I can get to a cloak, and Sansa darling deserves a cloak/cape/thing in her house colors.  That she will not be changing for anything.  Taking things back.  Or almost-her house colors.  Plethora of Poise Cape, ModCloth.

everything's aglow heel in gold (modcloth)

And these are cute and I know I’ve used them for styling before, but I love them.  Also, taking back the moment.  Sansa can wear heels because it doesn’t matter how tall she is!  Nope.  Everything’s Aglow Heel in Gold, ModCloth.

wondrous warbler necklace (modcloth)

And another bird metaphor necklace.  Since ModCloth is never running out of those.  Wondrous Warbler Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

ew people


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