Fashion Friday :: as we get a bit more into hypotheticals.

8 Nov

ygritte (rose leslie)

Ygritte (Rose Leslie) is wearing the same costume she’s always worn, really, and that costume… is visibly mostly just a coat and boots.  But like I’ve said before, I am of the mind that Ygritte would be the cutest, most disaffected kind of hipster darling, so… here goes.

scooter or later coat in black (modcloth)

This also comes in olive, which is also a viable option; I figure the original is so wrecked by snow-weathering that its original color could be any of these things.  Scooter or Later Coat in Black, ModCloth.

twice the spice top (modcloth)

Since a vaguely yellow, sleeveless top is what is actually under Ygritte’s furry coat, here is a yellow, sleeveless top.  It isn’t fur-trimmed and it’s a bit cutesier, but we can’t have everything.  Twice the Spice Top, ModCloth.

It doesn’t show very well at this distance, but these are in fact pinstriped jeans, and the undertint to them is kind of yellow, so it works.  The Joys Are Back Jean in Skinny Stripe, Modcloth.

kick around ideas boot (modcloth)

And these just look like they’re for kicking ass.  Kick Around Ideas Boot, ModCloth.

monte bre bag (modcloth)

Bags are useful things to have.  That’s all there is to that.  Monte Bre Bag, ModCloth.

glows and arrows necklace (modcloth)

And I just can’t help myself.  Glows and Arrows Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

rethink that position please

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