Whedon Wednesday :: color theory as it applies to some Buffy and Dawn-specific Buffy season 5 promotional photographs

23 Oct

(I don’t know why I didn’t find the website with all the promo photos until now but I found it now so.)

buffy summers (sarah michelle gellar)

Interesting that Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is suddenly wearing all of the brown.  Brown has been a color pretty much reserved for Giles in the promo photos until now, stability and whatnot, but season five is the one where she both asks for him to return to his duties as her Watcher and proves to the Watcher’s Council that she doesn’t really need them.  She’s capable of being her own stability.

buffy summers (sarah michelle gellar)

(Incidentally, I also want to know who the set designer was for this shoot, because I want to know all about who thought it was a good idea for her to pose with what appear to be giant picture frames.)  This top is beige, I think, but it’s a beige that looks pinkish, so it’s somewhere between a calm version of stability and love/friendship.

dawn and buffy summers (michelle trachtenberg and sarah michelle gellar)

Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) shows up next to her sister in shades of blue.  Dark blue, for knowledge (which she does have and gain) and power (which, being a personification of an energy key, she does have) and aqua for protection (which she tries to give).  Meanwhile here’s Buffy in nostalgic light purple (makes sense, given her various bouts thereof in this introspective season).

dawn summers (michelle trachtenberg)

Here, burgundy for courage (which you pretty much need to have in order to try to sacrifice yourself like Dawnie does) and longing (which she definitely has, for acceptance, for being important and cool, for being less important, for having her mom back, for having her sister back) dotted with yellow for energy (which, well, she is a personification of) and also caution (which they all have to have regarding the situation that she is at the center of).

dawn summers (michelle trachtenberg)

And some white for innocence.  The end.

–your fangirl heroine.



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