Fashion Friday :: aaaand here goes nothing.

11 Oct

margaery tyrell (natalie dormer)

By nothing, I mean the season three hipster Game of Thrones fashion series.  Kicking off with Margaery (Natalie Dormer) because of the absolute perfection of some of these dresses.

name on the marquee dress (modcloth)

I saved this dress to my drive months ago just in case it wasn’t available anymore on the website when I finally got around to this series, because it is so perfect.  Lo and behold, it’s not technically available anymore, but it is so perfect.  Name On the Marquee Dress, ModCloth.

aviary engagement dress (modcloth)

This one is currently available, and isn’t quite as perfect, but is still keeping with the gold-on-bluish Tyrell theme.  Aviary Engagement Dress, ModCloth.

daytrip ruffle belt (buckle)

And this.  This is also pretty perfect.  (I am so glad of the fact that the Tyrells are roses.  That’s an easy motif to locate.)  Daytrip Ruffle Belt, Buckle.

Here are two shoe options.  Flats for the daytime, heels for parties.  (Because while I figure that Margaery canonically is wearing slippers pretty much all the time, a modern hipster Margaery would probably have both in her arsenal.)  Real Go-Glitter Flat and Sparkle an Interest Heel, ModCloth.

double knuckle ring

Margaery’s actual ring is probably just roses.  It might not even actually be a double-knuckle ring.  But I found this while searching and I couldn’t not, because Margaery and Sansa, because, again, perfect.  The rose of Highgarden and the little bird.  This was via

–your fangirl heroine.

innuendo is a thing that has just happened


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