Sundry Superlative Sunday :: another Comic Con, day 2 AND my thoughts on the 2013 Emmy awards

22 Sep

Another panel was attended, this one with Jewel Staite AND Christopher Judge AND Alexis Cruz.  It was fun and amusing.  Also we wandered around buying things and generally just partaking of the ambiance.  And making up stories about our costumes.

See, we had British Ladies Day again.  Mostly.  My everything friend was Luna again, albeit a bit more traditional this time (borrowing my Dany wig and doing a more straightforwardly Hogwartsy look).

I was Nora again, although circa a different canonpoint, which is to say last time I was… circa whenever, and this time I was very specifically circa 5.07 “In the Beginning” and the start of 5.08 “Somebody That I Used to Know,” when all the chancellors took hits of Lilith’s blood, then went out and festively massacred Mardi Gras goers, then came back to the Authority headquarters all dripping with blood and crazy and exchanging Mardi Gras beads in a jolly manner.  Hence the blood smeared on my mouth (more on this on Tuesday too) and the beads, as well as the part-leather vaguely tuxedo-looking jacket.

I didn’t have anyone come up and recognize me today (not surprising — I’m the only True Blood cosplayer I’ve ever seen, not counting a couple of people in Merlotte’s shirts, which probably wasn’t even intended as such) but I did have one guy gesture to his mouth and mention that I in fact had something on there.  “As I should,” I replied, smiling beatifically, because occasionally crazy is fun.

My other friend was HG from Warehouse 13 (that’s meant to be her grappler, though it’s just a gun I’d painted to look steampunk — these were very quickly thrown together costumes overall).  We’d established in March why Luna and Nora knew each other, and we also established why HG and Nora would know each other, and then subsequently we established how Luna and HG would interact with each other.

And then my other friend was… Kaylee.  Again, it’s all stuff we already had, and she didn’t want to do a British accent.  Not that we were all doing them consistently, but we all dabbled and slid in and out of it amongst ourselves.  But it works out, because she’s an adorable Kaylee.  (She declared that of course Kaylee would have stolen Jayne’s hat on multiple occasions.)  We also managed to come up with a highly cracked-out explanation as to why Kaylee would know HG, who then would… introduce her to Nora and Luna, I suppose.

This is a picture of HG explaining her tech (it’s a communicator called a Farnsworth, but I don’t know much more about it than that — it’s quite pretty and steampunk, though) to Kaylee, who is intrigued.  Because mechanical things.

And this is a picture of Nora drinking from HG.  For this to make sense, I ask you to disregard the earlier canonpoint, as this is a completely consensual and not-deadly drinking-from.  It’s the other kind.

And here we are with the Angel puppet again.

Here is our Kaylee with another Kaylee as well as an Inara.

And here is a Sailor Jupiter, because I will stop everything to photograph Sailor Senshi.

AND the Emmys.

Otherwise known as, good on you Bobby Cannavale for Boardwalk Empire, good on you Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad because even if I don’t watch it I like you, I did not care about anything else at all and some of it was sincerely perplexing.

Also, I love that both of the tiny clips in the Supporting Actress in a Drama montage for Christina Hendricks were from the one episode this season where she actually got to do anything.

–your fangirl heroine.


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