Monster Monday :: monster television and death scenes.

29 Jul

(Sorry guys, this is where I’m at for a little while.  I don’t get over things quickly.)

This is really just a survey of death-type things in… well, just the Buffyverse (though non-major characters on Angel‘s seasons 4-5 haven’t factored in, since I’m not sure of the situations) and True Blood, actually, since Twilight does not have much death and is also not television.  And I don’t watch other monster shows, really.  This is somewhat for my own benefit really.

Nonspecific monster-related death: 6
Murder by known nonhuman character: 28
Murder of villain by known character: 21
Murder of not-explicitly-villain by known human character: 12
Death by other supernatural cause: 8
Death by science: 2
Natural death: 3
Miscellaneous death: 1

Sudden death: 47
Death with some in-series preparation: 24
Death with explicit lengthy foreshadowing: 3

Resurrection: 5
Turning into a vampire or other monster: 6

“Good” character (at the time of death): 18
“Bad” character (at the time of death): 35
Either/or character (at the time of death): 25

–your fangirl heroine.

this is a lifeline i am clinging to


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