Fashion Friday :: I can’t help it, this is still a thing.

14 Jun

sally draper (kiernan shipka)

By “this,” I mean hipster riot grrl Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka).  Poor darling Sally Draper.  There’s just so little actual good in Sally’s life and I want to hug her.

i plaid a lovely time dress (modcloth)

This one is cut a little more Spring Awakening than 1960s, but if dealt with properly, it can contribute to the hipster riot grrl aesthetic.  Also, it’s actually plaid in the right colors, so that’s a thing.  I Plaid a Lovely Time Dress, ModCloth.

go to headband (tasha)

I’m never going to argue excuses for headbands.  Go To Headband, Tasha.

tights for every occasion in ivory (modcloth)

Because it is the 1960s and because I will gladly include tights with everything, here goes nothing.  Tights for Every Occasion in Ivory, ModCloth.

dance instead of walking heel in blue (modcloth)

I swear, I will find every possible use of every single color of this shoe.  Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Blue, ModCloth.

I feel like the American Girl-iness of this is kind of ironic, all things considered, and I like that.  Be Still My Locket Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


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