Television Tuesday :: and more Game of Thrones cocktails.

14 May


1 shot crème de cocoa
1 shot apple pie schnapps
1 shot caramel vodka
Diet Coke

So I’d gotten to thinking, my Reah needs a cocktail!  Also, I like mixing cocktails with Coke sometimes because they’re… subtler-looking, I guess?  So I bought some Smirnoff caramel vodka.  The iced cake/whipped cream variants are ones I was well familiar with, of course, but I thought I’d try something else from the same line for reasons.  So this drink is one that was name -> liquor purchase -> mix, a rare order of operations.

This is a fairly tame thing to do with apple pie and caramel.


1 shot caramel vodka
2 shots apple pie schnapps
2 shots 151
Orange juice

Then I happened to be mixing for the Cho to my Dora, and she… is a much bolder drinker than I.  While I usually use rum for a bit of kick (i.e. Margaery) or to make stuff flamey (i.e. Fire and Blood), she was wanting rum for serious rum purposes.  So double-shots it was.  She’d tried the apple pie before and loved it, she’d not tried the caramel.  And the orange juice was another of my people’s additions as we all stood around staring at mixers and wondering.  And between the orange juice, the very much strength of this drink, and the fact that I remembered I’d been asked did I have one of such, this quickly became a Cersei.  So, liquor use -> mix -> name, a more normal order.

And that is the stronger use of apple and caramel.

–your fangirl heroine.



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