Whedon Wednesday :: color theory as it applies to a couple of Buffy season 1 cast promotional photographs

17 Apr

Because I am fascinated with the idea of seeing how (if) color presentation changes over the seasons.

buffy season 1 cast

Willow (Alyson Hannigan): Willow has a gift for wearing every color at once, she really does.  This is may be because Willow is pretty defined by her cravings for self-definition (I mean, everyone is, and Willow knows a lot of things about herself, but she still wants to be something else/more a lot of the time I think).  From the top down: blue for “consciousness and intellect,” green probably for ambition, brown for stability, and just a bit of blink-and-you-miss-it red for her latent/undiscovered power and temper.
Xander (Nicholas Brendon): Xander is less of a colorsmash (since I figure Willow is kind of the wardrobe equivalent of a keysmash sometimes).  He’s orange for encouragement and stimulation, yellow for energy and loyalty.
Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar): Aside from her brown-for-stability boots, here she is blue all the way.  Light blue is usually health and softness, which is less applicable, but “in heraldry, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity,” which is interesting.  She is not a spiritual person per se, but she is very much defined by her powers-given destiny and is devoted to it, though nontraditionally.
Giles (Anthony Stewart Head): This man is the definition of brown for stability, here with some red for leadership and courage.
Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter): An interesting palette of yellows, anywhere from prestige to joy to jealousy.

buffy season 1 cast

Xander: Here the blue is for loyalty and also to an extent faith (in Buffy and her cause).  Also perhaps masculinity.
Giles: In addition to being stability, brown is masculinity as well, though of a less in-your-face kind.
Buffy: The same boots, but here she is sporting pure gold.  Illumination, prestige, high quality – all that whatnot.  She is not wealthy and she is not bookish-wise, but she is world-wise and also she is noble as they come.
Cordelia: She’s smarter than she wants you to believe, which is partially reflected here; the light blue is also soft i.e. feminine, and Cordy is fairly girly in ways.
Willow: Yellow for intellect and to an extent happiness, orange for endurance, and again the hints of red.

–your fangirl heroine.



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