Fashion Friday :: I am still predictable.

29 Mar

sansa stark (sophie turner)

I repeat again because I feel like I need to make a point of it all the time that I love Sansa, and the lack of good Sansa (Sophie Turner) stills and trailer material before this season is exceptionally strange to me, so I’m going to rebel against that strangeness by styling this one still, also in a more rockabilly/pinup way.  Though Sansa is inherently less of a punky rebel type, so this is the cute side of pseudovintage.  So there, I guess.

Relatively nonliteral, yes.  But the important things here are pattern (check), semi-pinup (check), and at least related colors (Sansa’s dress has purple, this dress is kind of purple).  Also the neckline is vaguely similar.  Pretty on the Park Bench Dress, ModCloth.

play us a corduroy heel (modcloth)

Sansa is at court.  At court, sometimes you wear slippers instead of boots, or you wear Mary Janes instead of boots.  Play Us a Corduroy Heel, ModCloth.

a plume of your own necklace (modcloth)

I’ve substituted birds for Sansa’s dragonfly necklace before, and I’ll do it again.  Because metaphor.  A Plume of Your Own Necklace, ModCloth.

under locks ring (modcloth)

I can plainly see that Sansa’s ring is gold, but I… have that difficulty abiding with gold jewelry worn at the same time as silver jewelry when styling something myself, and anyway I didn’t see a gold one I liked.  This, I figure, is hipster rockabilly/semi-pinup Sansa’s very subtle snarky metaphor.  A bird on her necklace, a lock on her ring, well.  But it is a ladylike snarky metaphor, and probably one that others wouldn’t trouble to think about unless pressed.  Under Locks Ring, ModCloth.

wrapped in romance hair chain (modcloth)

Finally, I know that you don’t see what’s in Sansa’s hair in the picture, and it’s probably naught but a bit of whatever they use to tie hair back in King’s Landing.  I just fancy this piece, because it is dainty but with a bit more, and it just seems very Sansa for some reason.  Wrapped in Romance Hair Chain, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

nonchalant liquor consupmtion


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