Fashion Friday :: not that she’s not basically a pinup vampire all the time, but.

25 Jan

Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is also old enough to have been around in the considerably pinuppier 1950s and such.  Pam is also the owner of a fabulous wardrobe.  That’s all there is to that.

pam de beaufort (kristin bauer van straten)

Yes.  She’s fabulous.  Period.

Courtesan Wiggle Dress in Mauve Rose, Pinup Girl Clothing.

Micheline Dress in Red with Black Lace, Pinup Girl Clothing.

Janelle Dress in Black, Pinup Girl Clothing.

All of these dresses are of a very certain type, and this goes to what I kept talking about in my Pam clothesmeta.  Pam is always on, as in always presenting.  Sure, I bet 1950s Pam had a nice little collection of sweaters and good girl skirts, but most of the skirts I’m finding are circle skirts, and I can guarantee that even good girl 1950s Pam did not do circle skirts.  Tight and seductive is the thing here, it’s what she’d want to be presenting in certain occasions, so present she is.

I think it should be obvious to everyone by now that my default when doing 1950s/1960s styling is always going to be black pumps.  Always.  Harlow Pump in Black, Pinup Girl Clothing.

black leather fingerless gloves (chicnova)

Because when she’s putting on the pinup seductress, she’s also a teensy bit rockabilly.  Yes.  Black Leather Fingerless Gloves, Chicnova.

red classy gothic necklace (etsy)

And I don’t know how vintage this is, but I liked it well enough.  Red Classy Gothic Necklace, lovelylizzesdesigns on Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.

friendship is magic


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