Whedon Wednesday :: analyzing Whedon merchandise on Redbubble

16 Jan

This all began with this, seen a couple of weeks ago via tumblr.  My initial reaction to it is there and I stand by it, but it got me super-curious.  What other Whedonverse merchandise is out there?  I personally have several t-shirts, various print media, and lots of wall art, among other things, but I’m always on the lookout for more good memorabilia.

And then, because I am me, I turned it into a game of statistics.

There are 462 items tagged with “Whedon” when searching Redbubble, which is a site I’m still just now learning about, but hey.

Of these, 253 (or 54.7%) are also tagged with “Firefly.”  Because tagging is an inaccurate science, some of these probably don’t pertain specifically to Firefly, and my further subcategorical calculations are being done manually.

  • Surprisingly, only about 2% of these feature said raging dinosaurs.
  • Approximately 9% of these somehow feature Jayne’s hat.
  • Approximately 9% of them prominently feature the word “shiny.”

Other common themes are variants on “big damn heroes,” things featuring the silhouette with River holding weapons in dancerpose, illustrations of the ship herself, and various make-believe products inspired by Firefly characters.

114 (or 24.6%) of these are also tagged with “Buffy.”

  • This makes me sad.  You would think from the illustrations of the characters that it was supposed to be high school era, which, okay, but Spike wasn’t a Scooby till much later, and Cordelia may have been on-off but she was there, and I don’t know.  That just feels too predominantly dude-populated for Buffy.
  • Approximately 5% of them are some variant on Buffy’s face.

Other common themes are… well, there aren’t as many common themes here, actually.  There’s a decidedly smaller proliferation of art to do with Buffy here.

51 (or 11%) are also tagged with “Dollhouse.”

  • This doesn’t surprise me, because I’m used to Dollhouse being underrepresented in everything and I’ve mostly gotten used to it.
  • There are only 9 of these that are actually strictly Dollhouse, though.
  • Approximately 5% (of the 51) or 33% (of the 9) have some joke about flowers in a vase.
  • The others are mostly variants of the logo.

84 (or 18%) are also tagged with “Angel.”

  • There are only 5 of these that are actually strictly Angel, though.
  • And these are about an even split between Wolfram & Hart and Angel Investigations text logos.

85 (or 18%) are also tagged with “Dr. Horrible.

  • Most of these are actually pertaining to Dr. Horrible specifically.
  • Approximately 5% of these include the phrase “the hammer is my penis.”
  • Approximately 4% of these include fictionalized and pertinent versions of the House logo.

101 (or 22%) are also tagged with “Avengers.”

  • Many but not nearly all of these pertain actually to The Avengers.
  • But there are a few pretty Black Widow ones, and that’s a few more than I’ve seen anywhere else.

And a whole total of 4 (or 8%) pertained to Cabin in the Woods, so that’s that.

–your fangirl heroine.

like a ghost girl


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