Fashion Friday :: noir Inara, because that makes perfect sense.

6 Jul

Remember last week when I was talking about how crazy-obsessed I am with film noir?  Well, that led to this.

See, when I have a thing about film noir, it inevitably turns into having a thing about other things in the style of film noir.  And, you know, I have a thing about Inara (Morena Baccarin), and this scene.  I just went and perused my Inara tag on tumblr; aside from, like, Inara&Kaylee friend times (mostly that one moment of “The Message”) this scene is probably the one individual scene I reblog from the most.  I just love smirky Inara, and the red lipstick, well, it lends well to film noir.  And since Firefly is one of my favorite things, it’s one of the things I’ve imagined noir the most.

Hey, and if I can do three installments of college semi-hipster/hippie Daenerys, I can totally do film noir Inara.

Also it’s a veil thing.  Veil headbands are excessively noir, and yes, this is kind of fouffy, but I think it suits.  This outfit may be all black, but in my opinion, it’s one of Inara’s most showy outfits.  She wears it twice inseries: in the flashback in “Out of Gas,” when she’s touring the shuttle and making business arrangements, and now, when she’s pulling an amazing fast one on Saffron.  This is an outfit that says “I am intentionally dressing in a fancy way to make a point, but not a snobby one, just one about how I am determined and in being determined am also determined to present myself grandly.”

Oh yeah.  Topped with Glamour Headband, ModCloth.

There is no way to do a midriff top in film noir unless it’s for when one of the characters is having a day off and kicking around their apartment or something.  And since this is an “I mean business, and I dress up for business, because that is my personal preference and I like to do things that way” outfit, I instead opted for this number.  It’s all black, but the top bit is sheer for interest, and there’s polka dots to liven it up.  The Answer is Sheer Top, ModCloth.

And I just had to use this skirt for reasons.  The business at the waist offers embellishment of a kind; not embroidery, no, but the only black embroidered skirts looked outrageously not film noir.  And this is a nice black skirt that I don’t feel weird about pairing with a black shirt, either, probably because of the details involved.  Noir Favorite Skirt, ModCloth.

To throw a nod to the gold details in the inspiration, and also because while I can’tverify(the only shots in this scene that show her feet are from an angle where you only really see the bottoms, and even those not well) I can imagine that she was wearing open-toed sandal kinds of shoes.  Inara has a lot of fancy sandals, it suits.  Vintage Reserve Beatrice Heel, ModCloth.

And considering it’s the red lipstick that got me on the noir train with this in the first place, some Viva Glam lipstick from M·A·C and some red nail polish to match.  Those are noir staples, basically.

–your fangirl heroine.


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