Television Tuesday :: He Pulled First [a Justified fanmix]

17 Apr

1. Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars)
Ain’t going back to Barton Hollow, devil gonna follow me e’er I go.  Won’t do me no good washing in the river, can’t no preacher man save my soul.  Did that full moon force my hand?  Or that unmarked hundred grand?  Ooh, underneath the water, please forgive me, Father.

2. The Plains/Bitter Dancer (Fleet Foxes)
You took a room and you settled in, washed off the chalk from your weathered skin.  Daylight sleeper, bloody reaper, you took a room and you settled in.  I should have known one day you would come, all of us walk so blind in the sun.  Midnight feeder, beggar pleader, I should have known one day you would come.  Tell me again my only son, tell me again what you have done.

3. Things That Scare Me (Neko Case)
The hammer clicks in place.  The world’s gonna pay right down in the face of God and his saints.  Claim your soul’s not for sale.  I’m a dying breed who still believes, haunted by American dreams.

4. Out of the Cold (Amos Lee)
Yes, I dug you in a bulletproof vest ’cause you can’t walk straight with a bullet in your chest.  Another man down with a flag to fold, it takes a lot of lovin’ comin’ out of the cold.

5. Little Lovin’ (Lissie)
Tenne saw what you see, Arkan I can’t I be calm.  Hollywood’s old darlin’, gonna move to N’awlins, singin’ psalms.  I gotta lotta lovin’, I gotta lotta lovin’, I gotta lotta love in my heart.  I’m gonna get to heaven, I’m gonna count to seven, I’m gonna get to heaven all right.

6. Carpetbaggers (Jenny Lewis)
“I’m a carpetbagger, baby.  I’m comin’ to your town.  I’m gonna treat you kind, I’m gonna rob you blind, I’ll smile all the time, whoa yeah.”  Whoa yeah, whoa yeah, whoa yeah.  They come to town when the party’s over, books been written and truths been tried.  They’ll take it all if the door’s left open, steal the nose right from under your eyes.

7. I’m Willing (Ben Lee)
I took a lock of golden hair.  I took a look, it was gone.  If living is giving, I’m ready, I’m willing.  I took her heart ’cause she let me.  I took a walk in the dark.  I took some time to decise if it was right. 

8. Wide River to Cross (Carrie Rodriguez f. Buddy Miller)
I’ve come a long, long road; still I’ve got some miles to go, I’ve got a wide, wide river to cross.  I have stumbled, I have strayed, you can trace the tracks I’ve made all across the memories my heart recalls.

9. Don’t Carry It All (The Decemberists)
Here we come to a turning of the season, witness to the arc towards the sun.  A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason becomes a burden borne of all and one.  And nobody, nobody knows.  Let the yoke fall from our shoulders, don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all.  We are all our hands and holders, beneath this bold and brilliant sun, and this I swear to all.

10. Horse and Cart (Angus & Julia Stone)
Suspicious corpse without a face, the screen light’s a hidden dim.  This black hawk can’t find its place, through the night we swim.

11. Top Yourself (The Raconteurs)
Yeah, how you gonna top yourself when your man stops ringing your bell?  You’re right between heaven and hell and you’re gonna need the good lord to help you.  How I’m gonna make you see that this ain’t no way to be free?  See you been getting it all for free, guess you better get a sugar daddy to help you.

12. The Junkie Song (The Be Good Tanyas)
And don’t we all hover between apathy and compassion, fill up all our days with so much distraction?  It makes it easier not to see what we don’t want to.  But we all live here, we all live here, we all live here.

13. The Fall (The Avett Brothers)
Don’t die on me, lady, only good things can come to those who practice reason and recognize good fun.  Your absence is the bullet and the past is your gun and we all fall down, and we all fall down.

14. Hands in Pockets (Laura Gibson)
Tell me you always go before me out along the solemn grate.  Tell me the season is almost over, I can wait.  When in daylight leaves you staring out in another undertow, I’ll be tired conversation, I’ll be waiting, get home.

He Pulled First on 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.


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