Monster Monday :: robot/techie fiction has corrupted my brain

3 Oct

(I will stand by my position that [most] robots are monsters always.)

The way I class it is as being in possession of “conspiracy awareness.”  I don’t think these things are happening, I don’t actually believe they probably will happen, but I am amused by finding things that could jokingly be signs pointing to their happening.  It’s just an offshoot of my morbid sense of humor, probably.  Or something like it.

It’s not unlike an awareness of the signs of zombies.  These things aren’t real.  They probably never will be.  But it doesn’t hurt to know that yes, if the zombies come you shoot them in the head, and if the machines take over, well, band together with other likeminded humans, else you get destroyed or enslaved.  And if the machines start taking over humans’ heads, get ready to shoot the controlled/technologically ruined and almost zombiefied fellow humans in the head too.

What I’m talking about is an increased awareness of signs that yes, the machines could be taking over.  It’s things like that ad for the Droid phone on television now, the one that claims that the new Droid is the master of all machines.  This could just mean it can interface with your computer and MP3 player and stuff.  (This is what it probably really means.)  But it could also mean to beware, because something that can be the master of all machines?  It can quickly become the master of you.  (This is the utterly paranoid or humorous interpretation.)

It’s not, like I keep saying and will keep saying so people don’t think I’m psycho, that these things are real.  It’s a hilarious joke influenced by my awareness of, like, Terminator and Dollhouse and Robopocalypse and anything else with robots or tech that goes boom.  It’s not really funny ha-ha, though, it’s more funny… messed up.  This isn’t actually happening.  But if it does, I want to know the signs.  Just in case.

And I want to know how to be able to defend myself.  Even if the odds are pretty decent that I’ll be one of the ones shot in the head or something.

–your fangirl heroine.


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