Fashion Friday :: cute girl, difficult color.

23 Jun


Minako is cute but Venus’ color being orange makes things tricky.


This is orange and blue! It’s got a bow like her. Style Professional Symposium A-Line Dress, ModCloth.


An easy add. Watch me rely on that complementary color. Charter School Cardigan in Navy, ModCloth.


These are charming, if also the complementary color instead of the main and t-strap instead of Mary Jane. The Zest Is History Heel in Navy, ModCloth.


This is gold not red but it’s the best I can do. Influential Accessorizing Headband in Gold, ModCloth.


This bag is kind of green but pretend it’s just white because she has Artemis who is a white cat. This bag is also cuter than Artemis. Pounce on Panache Bag, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on Melodrama

19 Jun

Hi, Lorde!

“Green Light.” Ah here is the one I’ve utilized already. Did I mostly put this on the AIDA mix because “green light” could reference the godawful teal tint in the Framework? Maybe. But also I like “you’re such a damn liar” and this has a really, idk, building optimism vibe? And while I don’t condone Ophelia’s ultimate actions, I groove on the alternate possibilities of a robot finding herself. Seizing, perhaps, on the brief moment where she was proud of how she saved Mack.

“Sober.” This is weird. It’s got shades of 80s and shades of weird experimental and shades of I don’t even know what and I like it. I really am glad Lorde has stuck it out because I like her voice and I like what she does and I like it when I like pop singers that actually are on the radio and stuff.

“Homemade Dynamite.” “Let’s let things come out of the woodwork” aw that’s also nice. All of this is really cute and chill.

“The Louvre.” This is nice. There’s noise but then there’s melody and it’s good. I’m really just content here. I’m sure most of these songs are going to smack me in the face on repeated listening, but right now it’s just pleasant and good.”Perfect Places.” “It’s just another graceless night” that’s lovely. I enjoy the symphonic nature of this. I’m comfy here.

“Liability.” I like when pop songs get verbose OH MY GOD “I think I’ll go home into the arms of the girl that I love” oh my GOD this is a gift. It’s ballady but it’s great.

“Hard Feelings & Loveless.” “Please could you be tender and I will stick close to you” awww that’s so small and soft. This has gotten grand and interesting. Lorde has this way of getting away with a very talky kind of singing that most female pop singers don’t really do I feel like.

“Sober II [Melodrama].” Ooh these instrumentals. “You asked if I was feeling it” aw that’s something that’s not in songs always. There’s a slow sort of hip-hop to this, but it works.

“Writer in the Dark.” “Break the news you’re walking out to be a good man for someone else” hmmm. That’s. “Did my best to exist just for you” ugh that hurts. This is interesting. This is… really telling.

“Supercut.” Ooh I like her voice’s way of sliding on this bridge. This is just a very nice track to listen to.

“Liability [Reprise].” I like when pop singers do reprises. It makes life more theatrical.

“Perfect Places.” “It’s just another graceless night” that’s a nice lyric. This is just a really warm song and I enjoy it.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: my first darling.

16 Jun


Sailor Jupiter!


I’m doing this one with the kind of outfit that might get worn around before going to the gym since Makoto’s the jock. Ready to Retro Pullover in Jade, ModCloth.


Presumably then she’d take the sweater off and work out in a tank top or something. Endless Possibilities Tank Top in White, ModCloth.


In lieu of rose earrings, rose leggings! All Kinds of Cozy Leggings in Roses, ModCloth.


Classics. Can I Kickflip It? Sneaker in Rose, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Superlative Sunday :: my thoughts on the 2017 Tony Awards

11 Jun

Short answer: ugh.

Dear Evan Hansen and Hello Dolly! took the big prizes of the night (Musical/Actor/Featured Actress [plus Book/Score/Orchestrations] and Revival of a Musical/Actress/Featured Actor [plus Costume Design] respectively). I care negative amounts about Hello Dolly! most of the time, and Bette Midler is kind of a shoe-in for things at this point, I feel like.

And I don’t think I can accurately describe how continually unenthusiastic I am about Dear Evan Hansen. Ben Platt seems like a nice kid! He’s talented! But holy cow, you guys, this show seems like an amalgamation of everything that I hate most. The Tony Awards performance is traditionally a number or medley but the Dear Evan Hansen performance was just… Evan Hansen singing about being lonely while surrounded by images of social media (oooh deeeeeeep social media isolates us) and at the end the other people show up to echo him. Yikes.

I have no opinions about any of the plays who won things. Those two musicals won most of the awards, but The Great Comet raked in scenic design and lighting design (eh, that makes sense to me, it was hard to sit through the number but it was at least visually interesting) and Come From Away got direction. Shrug.

Next year, maybe, will be better.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: and more!

9 Jun


Honestly, Rei has always been one of the senshi that I associate myself least with. I don’t dislike her by any means! But I had a dear friend as a child who had claimed Mars as Hers, and beyond that I just didn’t feel quite as much kinship to her, but anyway she’s still cool and I hope I’m doing this right.


Note the wrap design. Also the bird motif, since she has crows. I doubt those are crows on the shirt, but eh close enough. I’m going for a style somewhat inspired by her miko outfit (what she wears at the temple). Chic Sophistication Sleeveless Top in Birds of Paradise, ModCloth.


And then the emphasized-waist floofy nature of the skirt here. Swing on By Mini Skirt in Cardinal, ModCloth.


Sandals seem to be the appropriate choice here. Casual and summery. Uniquely Yours Sandal in Blanc, ModCloth.


This is out of left field because I wanted something to nod to her purple bow. The Bevel is in the Details Watch in Amethyst, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Theatre Thursday :: a cursory unbiased view of the 2017 Tony nominees for Best Musical

8 Jun

By “cursory unbiased” I mean… based entirely on having listened to each of the cast recordings one time on YouTube.

I really wanted to like them, I really, really did. And maybe the Tony performances, which I do intend to watch this year, will change my mind. But I… am cynical and hardened and a modernist but also not into pretentiousness and nothing hit me correctly. Maybe it’s time and place or maybe after the last couple years of things that actually somewhat interested me my standards were up. Or maybe I just have very specific taste.

But here we go.

Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812… well, I went into this one a little biased, maybe, because I have friends who saw this and did not give a great review. I wanted to give it a chance anyway, though. And I’ll admit that of the four albums, it did leave the most distinctive impression, which is to say I’ve found bits (very small bits, like one or two sentences’ worth) of some of the songs lingering in my mind and it didn’t immediately make me scream “derivative.” But it doesn’t know what it wants to be, aside from sort of smug. More than any other musical I can think of off the top of my head, it has its head stuck up its own ass; it’s desperate to prove to you how clever it is. “It’s a complicated Russian novel! Everybody has nine names!” and etc. It fluctuates between vaguely baroque and modern electronica-fusion, old-fashioned language and modern slang, in a way that isn’t wholly consistent. And it has an annoying habit of randomly deciding that in the middle of a song, the characters are going to suddenly start singing their stage directions. All of which is to say, I could also definitely hear how, when I was younger and more pretentious myself, I could have probably gotten into this. But I’m past that stage at this point.

Dear Evan Hansen was one I’d heard nothing but good about. A musical about a kid with anxiety! Celebrities keep going to it and posting pictures on Instagram. Dear Evan Hansen de-ameliorated itself to me before the opening number was even over, though, because… we already have Next to Normal. We didn’t need this, too. The opening song, in my read, is virtually the same as Next to Normal‘s “Just Another Day” – “I am a mother and I am singing about my stressful family situation with my children and nobody’s happy and everybody’s nervous and oh, look drugs!” I also legitimately did not realize that it was two different women singing for a while; I thought Evan Hansen must have an older brother. Nope. Evan Hansen has peripheral friends, who are roped into a plan I had to Wikipedia to make sense of because I genuinely also thought for a second that maybe he was anxious because he was gay and in the closet. Nope. Evan Hansen is anxious because he is, but then he does something horrible, with the intention of being… inspirational? Important? Whatever it was, once I got the plot summary I was actually horrified. And that pretty well killed my enjoyment.

I wasn’t expecting to love Groundhog Day, because I had a feeling that it was going to be the other kind of smug: not pretentious, but “musicals for straight men.” Smirky and tongue-in-cheek and based on a movie that’s about dudes so it’s accessible. And it’s totally straight, you guys. It was exactly what I expected. It’s a vibe that traces back to things like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which I don’t dislike (but that’s a lot of it due to Norbert and Sherie on the album), and it strikes me as just really… mediocre. It’s not trying to be anything more than sort of funny and ironic. It’s filling a niche that didn’t need filled. Also, the protagonist is a thoroughly unlikable person. What happened to musicals about people we actually liked?

Then Come From Away, which I’d heard the least about. It’s based on the true story of a tiny town in Newfoundland that housed 38 planes that got diverted on 9/11. It’s an ~ensemble piece~ and a ~quaint small town musical~ and even though it’s Newfoundland and not England like a lot of the other ones (Billy Elliot, Kinky Boots, etc.) it’s got pretty much the same feeling. Except there’s also the fact of it in my honest opinion being too soon to make a musical about 9/11, especially a true story. It capitalizes on the sentiment evoked by the tragedy, which, okay, I’m sure that’s cathartic for someone but it felt weird to me. Also like an excuse for people to do various folksy accents and regionalisms and to trot out a few scenes for stock characters. (The gay men, Kevin and Kevin – hilaaaaaarious. No. Really not.) The tunes aren’t particularly original, to my ears, but they weren’t offensive. It just felt like I’d pretty much dealt with it before.

Maybe they prove me wrong on the Tonys, though. Anyone. Please, prove me wrong.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

5 Jun

“The Prologue.” Shakespeare. Ughhh yes, I’m not even a Romeo and Juliet girl but yes. Also there was a bit of strings that sounded like the opening note of “Mama Who Bore Me” which got straight to me yes it did. Coming over in chills already A+.

“100 Letters.” This is the kind of song that sounds… transitory to me. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing, I think it’s the pace of the backing. “I can’t stop thinking that, I can’t stop thinking that I almost gave you everything.”

“Eyes Closed.” This is raw. That’s beautiful. I’m shivering a little. Bless Halsey and her concept albums that are actually still things you can pull apart.

“Heaven In Hiding.” Also I’m going to put this right here because… Halsey, you’re everything. “The story centers on a pair of lovers in a limbo-like realm that connects to the futuristic setting of the previous album: “I was a big comic-book kid… a big Marvel nerd”, she stated.” Quoth Wikipedia, but like…. you know exactly what you’re doing don’t you honey? I’m glad. We need that. She keeps doing this thing with her voice, this escalation, and it’s delicious.

“Alone.” Oh some vintage radio noise that’s good. There is definitely an emotional disconnect/connect in her stuff that’s, I don’t know if this is on purpose but, it’s very reflective to me of… well, Marvel heroines. Being surrounded and given attention to, not wanting or feeling it deserved or even pushing folks away – “I, I know you wanna slip under my armor” and “baby, as soon as you meet me you’ll wish that you never did” an stuff.  It’s interesting.

“Now Or Never.” It’s interesting, I don’t dislike this by any means but I also don’t necessarily see it as what should have been the first single? But then, I know that my tastes in alt-pop tend to the more dark and theatrical?

“Sorry.” This one is pretty traditional piano ballad. This album overall is a little softer than the last, I think.

“Good Mourning.” Speaking of dark and theatrical! This is… much more “concept.”

“Lie.” “‘Cause I’m tryna’ give the impression that I get the message you wish I was dead.” Goddamn. The things she’s doing with her voice on the sustained “liiie” parts are killer.

“Walls Could Talk.” Oh god and there’s strings and all of these little dark things that are tracing through and it’s electric.

“Bad At Love.” This is hip-hoppy and also explicitly bisexual and that’s nice.

“Don’t Play.” This is reminiscent of a lot of musical traditions I’m peripherally aware of but less familiar with but she can work the attitude.

“Strangers.” The big queer one! Drift partner has already spoiled this for me in the context of a tragic non-canon f/f MCU ship and yes totally this. Girls. Lauren Jauregui, of Fifth Harmony, who is the duet partner here, is also a queer woman and this is addictively queer and delicious.

“Angel On Fire.” Holy shit. “I’m standin’ in the ashes of who I used to be, and I’m faded away, you know, I used to be on fire.” This is poignant.

“Devil In Me.” Well this… is similarly tragic. I’m going to linger here.

“Hopeless.” There are shreds of the 90s in this, I feel like? No wait “Hide and Seek” there are shreds of “Hide and Seek” all over this, though it’s not the same song by any means. It’s the synth though, that’s very.