Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Chibi-Usa falls in love with a pegasus and there is poor horsemanship.

25 Nov

New credits for a new season!  Where the naked senshi fly after a pegasus that y’all don’t understand yet and that I only barely remember the details of, being honest.

And then there’s a checkerboard of math.  And baby cat!


The Crystal Forest, wherein a soft mysterious male voice emanating from a cloud belonging to the Pegasus that emerges implores someone for help.  “Meeting of Destiny: The Night Pegasus Dances.”

I already can’t handle this omg

Chibi-Usa obviously stayed in the past so she could fall in love with a horse in her imagination.  But that’s what you do when your baby girlfriend is reborn as a literal baby.  I guess.  You have to look elsewhere, and elsewhere is a flying horse.

A flying horse whose whinny sounds like a foal’s, honestly.

A flying horse who has the magical power to change her into her princess dress.

They’re all here to watch the eclipse.  That definitely does not mean anything bad is going to happen, being something that involves planets/the moon/the sun happening surrounding they who are powered by planets/the moon/well not the sun but you know.

That eclipse happened really fast.

And during the eclipse, an unidentified flying circus tent floats in over the Juban district heralded by flashing lights.  NOTHING WEIRD HERE AT ALL.

Freaky cartoon faces.  My god is it the devil’s carnival?


I think it IS the devil’s carnival.

Ooh, he has a spoopy eyeball-topped staff!

Tiger’s Eye, Fish Eye, Hawk’s Eye.  Fish Eye is wearing a suit made of inflatable tires.


The transitions get funnier every season.

The eye buddies are flamboyant raver kids with 1980s makeup who flirt with everyone, apparently.  I’ve forgotten them almost entirely so this will be a rediscovery or something.

“Whether or not you have a fateful encounter is up to you” you tell ‘em Chibi-Usa

“Mom’s books meant for adults” I’m dying


“Forgive me for scaring you, cute girl” I am only the monster whip man.

“It’s okay, I’m no one suspicious” SEEMS LEGIT

“This is the Dream Mirror.  It will show your dreams.”  Thank you for the exposition.

“My Lemures” the little-bads are… that’s a new one.  Also this monster is creepy af.

“What’s with that lame playboy outfit?” oh my god

Finally someone who can outsass Tuxedo Mask.

Ah yes, wherein they dive their heads into the chests of their victims.  Looking for Pegasus.  This is freaky shit.

TECHNICALLY that’s a unicorn with pegasus wings.

Pegasus upgraded their transformations!  And gave a new wand.

“Stage Out!”  Well this is theatrical and ridiculous.

“He’s so beautiful!” I………………..

Yeah, I keep the secrets of all the flying horses that come to me in the middle of the night.


This circus is actually nonsense though???

“In whose beautiful dreams hides Pegasus” that is a strange construction.

Also I like that the eye buddies hang out in a bar inside their flying circus.

“I’m going to put this saddle on him and ride him”

The ex-equestrian in me is bothered by everything that just happened lol

I find it really interesting that these OH WAIT MOTOKI’S GIRLFRIEND I FORGOT ABOUT HER

I think it’s also interesting that all of these businesses completely allow loose cats.

“Such a huge face!”  Well, yes.  That is the nature of large animals.

Also she was feeding him the carrot all wrong SORRY SORRY

I’m intrigued, actually, please explain?

Well, especially with little kids, you’re only supposed to hold it enough on the end of the carrot so the horse can grab onto it and then let go. Because otherwise you risk getting bitten.

That makes sense!

You’re also not really supposed to grab their noses like that if they don’t know you lol.

“They say long-distance romances are prone to breaking up” they are not always correct Chibi-Usa.

What function do those hairbows serve Usagi

I feel like they should put their hair back.

I feel like she should stop making her horse try to jump if it’s shying at the last second SORRY


You’re a predatory creeper who walks around with a whip cuffing randoms to magically appearing coffin-shaped boards.  In fact.

“If it isn’t the pumpkin from the other day” that is not a straight man.

Is “beautiful dream” a euphemism tho

I really hope not, because there are no euphemisms that a reject from an 80s hair band should stick their head into.

“You people keep coming out of the woodwork.”

“I hate girly chatter!  Especially when you ignore me.”  Oh my god he’s the worst

And once again, Pegasus appears!

Aw, and the heteros are saved by the power of mutual respect.  That’s nice.

“That’s was great!” ok closed caption person


Television Tuesday :: 5 of happy television’s advantages

25 Nov

5. Because sometimes we want cheery things that won’t tire us out.
As evidenced by a fair amount of my media analysis, a lot of television is exhausting, emotionally.  Sometimes it’s fun to just sink into something goofy and smile and be distracted.  Look, objectively Agents of SHIELD season 2 had stronger writing than season 1, but which one of those am I more likely to want to rewatch a random episode of?

4. Because sometimes it’s easier to have likable characters on a show that isn’t all doom and gloom.
Here I am again to talk about my favorite television soapbox, Warehouse 13. The strength and charm of Warehouse largely comes from its characters: no-nonsense, good-hearted Myka, goofball Pete, mildly misanthropic Artie, girl wonder Claudia Donovan, considerate and by-the-book Jinks, and mysterious Ms. Frederic. The plots on the show, especially the artifact-of-the-week episodes, shine when they’re driven by the characters rather than dragging the characters into a plot. Even the sillier one-off episodes sometimes allow for really great character development. Warehouse wasn’t a plot-driven show at all – people watched because they liked the characters and enjoyed watching them have adventures. Which is not to say that’s not why some people watch more grim shows, but the nice thing about Warehouse was that if someone died, they could come back (…probably).  And take The Librarians, the epitome of silly fun.  Characters like arrogant thief Ezekiel and broody cowboy genius Jake would be miserable to be around on a more “serious” show, but since the narrative isn’t treating them too seriously they’re allowed to be fun or at least tolerable.  (Cassandra would be an angel princess no matter where she was, but that’s beside the point.)  Even the detour into Jake’s daddy issues manpain, while rife with cliches, was really only there to facilitate a larger plot point about magic and wasn’t played so dark that I’m never going to be able to look at him without groaning.

3. Because oftentimes less drama means healthier relationships.
Wistfully I ask, remember back in SHIELD’s goofy 1a for those few episodes when nobody was kissing or banging or flirting?  Remember when all the babies were constantly walking around with :D grins and supporting each other (and Coulson wasn’t such a jackass)?  I still feel more things about SHIELD than anything else I’m watching, but with increasing drama has come increasingly frustrating and unhealthy relationship permutations.  There are still healthy relationships (mostly in the form of ladies supporting each other and giving a damn about each other) but I sure do miss when they lived in a well-lit airplane and drank beer and played Scrabble and wore colors together.

2. Because not all television is for you.
I saw an review of Jessica Jones the other day that said something like “Marvel has obviously won this round over Supergirl,” and it’s been bothering me, because that argument ignores that they’re aimed at completely different audiences. Jessica Jones is for a distinctly adult audience, and is available only online, in a format that makes it appeal largely to an adult audience. Supergirl airs weekly on broadcast television at 8 PM, which is a timeslot for television aimed at families. The “family friendly” nature of the show has been heavily advertised, including having star Melissa Benoist visit the Girl Scouts of America and other child-centric organizations. There are dangerous situations, but so far there has been minimal death and pretty much everyone comes out okay in the end. And that’s important, because while some darkness is okay to show kids, there are some things that are just not for them, and that’s okay. Supergirl is kid-friendly, as is The Flash (generally). And that’s not a “failing” of the show, that’s just how they’re written. Kids like superheroes, and if every single superhero property is too dark or doom-and-gloom (hi, Man of Steel), well, what are they supposed to watch?

1. Because happy things are important too.
Lately, television in particular has embraced the mindset that Dark and Edgy Is Best, which, while not a bad opinion, becomes a problem when people act as if Dark and Edgy is the only way things should be, and anything that isn’t Dark and Edgy is automatically invalid or unimportant. Which I strongly disagree with. There’s a reason I can’t watch most of the popular shows right now – they’re bleak, they’re depressing, and they’re just not fun. I do not accept the thesis that shows must include death, torture, rape, and other terrible things that happen in the ~real world~ in order to be valid stories. Shows like Supergirl and The Flash, which feature protagonists who see the terrible in the world and want to fix it, and usually do fix it, those are just as important and valid.

–your fangirl heroines.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on (the second half of) Delirium

23 Nov

Here we go.

“We Can’t Move to This.”  Well this is a space-age underwater kind of jam.  “We can’t even talk boy and we don’t even kiss.”

“Army.”  Aw, this sounds like the vintage stuff.  My beloved “We Were Friends,” for one.  “I know that we don’t look like much, but no one fucks it up like us,” goooosh I’m.  This is lovely.  “When I’m with you I’m standing with an army.”  Well, this is the sweetest most precious.

“Lost and Found.”  More on that tip well I’m so delighted.  This is so sugarsweet and I’m really cheered.

“Devotion.”  This song is either really sweet or mildly alarming, I can’t decide.  It’s either about a nice relationship or a really codependent unhealthy one, and I’m not sure.  I hope it’s sweet, though.  That would make it easier to listen to repeatedly.  I think it is, but.  I’m a cynic.

“Scream It Out.”  Oh, oh piano, piano and British and hi you cute thing.  “I’ve always had a thing for silence but lately I just need a voice I recognize.”  This is anthemic and also sweet.  Yes.

“The Greatest.”  “We’re the greatest, no one gets it like we do.”  I understand this, it’s lovely.  We’re into the fluffy bit of the album, I guess.  But I am not enough of a cynic that I don’t totally feel this in a part of my soul.

“I Do What I Love.”  Ooh, this one has a little twist to it, and that’s interesting.  “I can’t ask for your permission, I can’t wait for it, ’cause I was born free, I ain’t taking this.” Oh yes all right!

“Paradise.”  She does weird little slidey things with her voice that I really like and this is full of them.  “Dream another dream ’cause you’re killin’ it honey.

“Winner.”  I like the DJ-dropped percussion in so many of these tracks. I find it interesting that this album is switching from, like, dance tracks to ballads and back, not much in between.  “Love to the lovers, hate to the haters, love to you, babe, do what you have to.”  This does nothing to disprove my modern Dany instinct.

“Heal.”  This has overall a bit more techno R&B than Halcyon, which isn’t a bad thing just different (though I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the dark fucked-up bits of Halcyon on this album so far), because this is good yes!

“Outside.”  This includes Calvin Harris.  “We did everything right, now I’m on the outside” this feels familiar have I heard this somewhere?  Also, strings.

“Powerful.”  Ooh this is kind of swaggery and sexy.  This includes Major Lazer and Tarrus Riley, and they are less sexy, but Ellie’s bit is nice.

Okay, nvm, then, the other two tracks aren’t on Spotify.  I’ll acquire them and let you know.

–your fangirl heroine.




Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Spectre

22 Nov

Here, a list.

  • Good god why was the Spectre symbol an octopus: this was incredibly distracting in premise because, uh, yeah, and this was incredibly distracting when first he picked up the ring with the octopus on it because I went “shit” and then went “wait why does that octopus only have seven legs, I mean I’m not judging but hey” and then it was incredibly distracting during the main credits where sexy naked oily Daniel Craig and sexy naked oily women were dancing around, gyrating, and actually doing the do with a giant very real octopus floating behind them and twining around them like tentacle hentai.
  • I turned to my mom during said tentacle hentai and went “is this really happening right now??” She lamented because she enjoyed the style of the original cheesy-ass opening credits and did not like the with-real-people oily version that was being employed here, and I said “no, I mean the octopus sex.”  I did not anticipate saying the words “octopus sex” today or for a while, so that was weird.
  • But at least the opening credits were absolutely hilarious in a completely what the fuck kind of way.  The film itself?  The most predictable.  This is the nature of the Bond genre, I suppose, but I keep hoping for, y’know, evolution, like I do with all of my action films.  It’s like.
    • New guy in the department talking about how Ralph Fiennes is a square?  New guy happens to be played by the guy who plays Moriarty on the BBC Sherlock?  New guy is evil.  Confirmed.
    • New guy is talking about heightened surveillance blah blah world leaders blah blah security blah blah evil.  Confirmed.
    • Could new guy be working with the surprise big bad that just showed up out of nowhere running a secret evil organization whose goals are unclear (but that seem to involve regulating access to immunizations and prostitution?  So????) but that, surprise, has been ACTUALLY responsible for every SINGLE villain in the entire Daniel Craig portion of the franchise? Confirmed.
  • And this one is getting a bullet point and not just a sub-bullet-point, because I had no idea this was the case and it is just that ridiculous to me.  Christoph Waltz, who don’t get me wrong is great at playing Hans Landa but has been playing Hans Landa for like seven years now in the majority of his film roles, is the new head of not-Hydra.  He is whispery and German and sinister and giggles a lot, so much that you expect him to giggle behind his hand like a Sailor Moon villain.  The plot slowly unravels so we find out that there is a connection between not-Hydra and every villain in the franchise, as said, and it soon comes clear that Christoph Waltz has intentionally plotted this presumably multi-billion-dollar crime syndicate that has systematically destroyed countless lives and locations, because when he was a kid his dad took James Bond in as a foster kid after his parents died and his daddy loved James more than him.  Probably.  It isn’t actually said in so many words, but he resents the fact that he was expected to treat James with care.  This man has destroyed major chunks of the world because his father held affection for another child when he was a child.
  • ????????????????????
  • I’m glad that Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) is getting some and she’s very functional and I like her.  I’m fairly convinced, though I have no reason to believe this except the occasional vague ho-yay with James, that Q (Ben Whishaw) is gay.  I would watch a movie about either of these things 100x more than this movie.
  • Add Madeleine (Lea Seydoux) to the collection of underused modern Bond women.  She’s so cute but she could have done so much more.  But I’m glad that she didn’t prove untrustworthy, like my dad kept whispering.  That made me feel smug.
  • We did not need multiple car chases.  Though they gave me ample time to daydream about Bobbi Morse, I guess.
  • Why did Dave Bautista stab a random’s eyes out with his thumb claws.
  • I’m so tired.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sarcastic Saturday :: 10 topics of conversation that make me feel very uncomfortable to eavesdrop on.

21 Nov

Presented mostly without commentary except to say that these vary in how uncomfortable they make me at a given time and that all of these things have the effect of making me clench my jaw and turn away to collect myself.

10. Media analyses that I have strongly contradictory opinions about.

9. Conversations about money.

8. Anything that amounts to one party yelling at or criticizing the other party for matters of taste, natural inclination, or what have you.

7. Conversations wherein adults attempt to hyperregulate their child’s (usually daughter’s) future (obviously heterosexual) love life before it happens.

6. Sexist/racist/homophobic/ableist/classist/etc. jokes.

5. Sexist/racist/homophobic/ableist/classist/etc. insults.

4. 90% of political discourse, honestly.
This one is less true, at least, when around people I’m truly comfortable with, but it’s always a little bit true, for a variety of reasons.

3. Donald Trump.

2. Guns.

1. Hitting children as a form of discipline.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: my precious crazy baby.

20 Nov


I flipping love Tyene Sand (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers).  I do not love Tyene’s double daggers and I do not love that they played her flirtatiousness out so far it was just cheesy, but I do love when Tyene is crazy and does poison.  For those of you who haven’t read the books and somehow missed this post, refer to point 4 for a description of book!Tyene.  Show!Tyene is cute, but I am over the flipping moon for beautiful crazy pseudoholy poison princess book!Tyene.  So there’s going to be some of that in here.  I was going to find y’all some fanart of book!Tyene to give you an idea but it’s all so white and that is wrong.  Tyene, like all of the Sand Snakes, is meant to be super mixed, and her being blonde doesn’t negate that.  Anyway.


The tone on this is more neutrals than gold tones, but it’s so Tyene.  The Tyene of my heart, at least.  It’s deceptively innocent.  Also the detailing mimics the belting.  Walking On Era Dress in Sage, ModCloth.


Probably, yes.  Miss Fancy Prance Flat, ModCloth.


Except instead of keeping a photograph inside the locket she keeps poison.  Obviously.  Early Morning Hush Necklace, ModCloth.


And then this is for carrying her other poison.  Or what you will.  Set Out in Style Bag in Brown Vines, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Things in Print Thursday :: someone else’s coming of age novels.

19 Nov

This fascinates me.  List here.

  1. Arcadia (Lauren Groff): white male heterosexual protagonist.
  2. Canada (Richard Ford): white male heterosexual protagonist.
  3. The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern): white heterosexual protagonists, one male, one female.
  4. Once Upon a River (Bonnie Jo Campbell): white heterosexual female protagonist.
  5. Rage is Back (Adam Mansbach): mixed/black heterosexual male protagonist.
  6. The Round House (Louise Erdich): Native American male heterosexual protagonist.
  7. Salvage the Bones (Jesmyn Ward): black female heterosexual protagonist.
  8. The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet (Reif Larsen): white male heterosexual protagonist.
  9. The Boy (Phillipp Meyer): white male heterosexual protagonist.
  10. Swamplandia (Karen Russell): white female heterosexual protagonist.

Much hetero, wow.

–your fangirl heroine.



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