Music Monday :: my thoughts on Sound & Color

20 Apr

Oh, hey, Alabama Shakes!  I like you quite a lot.  Let’s do this thing.

“Sound & Color.”  A solid, ambient sort of start, all xylophones and percussion and mm all right.  Brittany Howard has a really interesting voice, and it makes everything she sings sound somehow vintage and really hypermodern all at once.  I like it.

“Don’t Wanna Fight.”  Guitar.  I think this is the one they did on SNL recently?  It sounds familiar, and I really like it, kind of in a 1970s gritty crime drama way.  Or like, Death Proof.  That is my standard for a lot of music, after all, and this is definitely in that area.

“Dunes.”  It might be how Brittany’s voice sounds or it might be the way they mix their songs, but it really does sound just so old, in a way.  Like it’s been around forever, but it also seems so new.  The mix, the guitars, her voice, I don’t know.  This is getting repetitive but I’m vibing.

“Future People.”  This sure does sound like the future, but in an almost atom punk kind of way.  Between the thing she’s doing to make her voice sound somewhat like a theremin and the backing and the fact that I’d need to pull up the lyrics to pick up most of what she’s saying, there’s some heavy atmosphere here and I dig on it.

“Gimme All Your Love.”  There’s something very very if-Tarantino-made-a-surf-movie about this, and I really like it.  Sometimes the cheery enough whatever absolutely segues into shredding voice and guitar, and it’s delicious.

“This Feeling.”  Oh, we’re here being a bit more introspective and the words are a bit easier to understand on first listen and we’re really getting time to listen to what’s being, well, felt.  It’s not a happy song, I don’t think, but it’s a bit raw in its emotion and I’m happy about it.

“Guess Who.”  The lo-fi continues to happen, for sure.  And she’s doing these really cute pops on her vowels, I very much like it.  This sounds like walking down the street in the 1970s, when the sun is shining and lots of people are wearing the color orange with horribly mismatching patterns and big smiles.  And suddenly, suddenly, a riff of a suburban fantasy noise!

“The Greatest.”  I am now taking bets: is this going to be a “you are the greatest” song or a “you think you’re the greatest but you’re not” song.  “I never meant to be the greatest,” okay, so it’s somewhere in between.  Over surfer guitar.

“Shoegaze.”  This is a genre, technically, shoegazing, and it doesn’t sound like this, but I think that’s possibly the point.  Most of these songs aren’t standing out too much from the other, but they’re creating this really distinct atmosphere that I want to stay in for a while.

“Miss You.”  Very sparse instrumentation to begin and building drums and guitar and whoops, there’s Brittany building into a complete vocal shred before segueing out again.  That’s a pattern here.  Nothing is staying super-hyped up the whole time, but sometimes it spins into that, the tizzied repeated “I’m yours” exclamations.

“Gemini.”  The livestream article mentioned this song specifically, devoting an entire paragraph to it and quoting the lyric “on a planet not so far away, we were born together,” so I’m very intrigued.  Yes.  This sounds like some crazy Ziggy Stardust space opera and I am kind of in love.

“Over My Head.”  This is oddly peaceful, I’m not sure why.  It feels like slow-dancing at the end of the night at a blues party, and that is something I kind of miss, maybe that’s why.

–your fangirl heroine.

omg no those assholes

Sundry Sunday :: entry-level retail jobs as described by my urban dictionary

19 Apr
Retail is a fun place to practice self-stereotyping, neutral passivity, and robot mode. It is also a fun place to exercise attention to one’s worry points.  Sometimes my managers or coworkers tell me to smile more, and while I will plaster a fake one on immediately (and think about responding in a very Bobbi Morse passive-aggressive voice), it is to buy me time while I work up to instasmile buttons like Clint Barton’s farm.  It never has the same effect as my sneak attack smiles, though, which have been known to make coworkers ask me questions about my personal life that I don’t always want to answer. It is much more likely that customers and not coworkers will be like Cardians for me, though.  Coworkers are more likely social convenience, a chance to test tangent thresholds, and perceived defaults, or possibly a source of temporal malaise on bad days. Being honest, I suffer from fairly regular retail malaise and on bad days human overload at this point.
–your fangirl heroine.
that all you've got

Sarcastic Saturday :: discussing troublesome commercials, part nineteen of howevermany.

18 Apr

(a man is jogging down the street, and a woman’s voice can be heard.)
Woman: I love you, I love you, I love you…
(the jogger turns the corner, revealing a woman curled up in the fetal position attached to his back.)
Woman: I love you, I love you…
Man: No one likes a clinger. 
(he jogs up to a toilet on the sidewalk.)
Man: That’s why I use the American Standard VorMax flushing system.  The new VorMax cleans ten times better than conventional toilets.
(the logo and a toilet are shown on a white backdrop.  The man’s head pops out of the toilet.)
Man: It’s clean.

This one was actually pointed out to me by someone, with the simple analysis: “it’s comparing a cute young woman to a piece of shit.”  I hadn’t seen the ad, and didn’t for another couple of weeks, but when I did…

Yep.  It’s comparing a cute young woman to a piece of shit.

Not only is this disgusting, it’s a fairly blatant double standard.  The idea that’s at least sometimes perpetrated is that if a man should tell a woman repeatedly how much he cares for her, etcetera, the woman should either immediately fall for it or eventually give into it.  Perseverance in men is lauded, ignoring the idea that a woman just might not be up for it.  (Honestly, this is why things like the loathsome friend zone exist: the friend zone is based on the notion that sexual/romantic attention can essentially be purchased by a certain number of “good deeds” and/or compliments.)  But the moment a woman doesn’t take no for an answer, well, she’s a piece of shit.

Just something to think about.

–your fangirl heroine.

Fashion Friday :: I… don’t even know.

17 Apr

meredith (stephanie drake)

This is Meredith (Stephanie Drake).  Meredith is, for all intents and purposes, amiable set decoration.  She’s cute, though.  She’s been winning me over with her giant hairbows and headbands I think.

Mod Up My Mind Dress

So this one doesn’t have long sleeves.  And it doesn’t have a cute domino print.  But it’s short and mod and black/white and precious, so.  Mod It Myself Dress, ModCloth.

Vintage Meet You in the Morning Pin

This piece is vintage and therefore not available anymore, but it’s perfect.  Vintage Meet You In the Morning Pin, ModCloth.

Daisy Clip On Stud Earrings

And to complement.  Daisy Clip On Stud Earrings, Claires.

I actually have a black headband almost exactly like the one Meredith is actually wearing, but it’s from years ago, so I can’t track it down on the internet and this will have to do.  Ouchless Pressure Free Plastic Head Band, Black, Goody.

Flying First-Sass Heel in Black

And… yes.  Flying First Sass Heel in Black, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

sure jan

Things in Print Thursday :: high school literature in haiku, part five.

16 Apr

Don’t really recall
The word “feminism” said
In high school English

No wonder I said
It no less than one hundred
Times at my college.

–your fangirl heroine.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is misandry and subconscious familial feelings from the future.

15 Apr

“Really, how can people be so clingy when it’s so hot?”  Good question, Minako.  Are you cranky because

“You’re so cute, Minako.”  As Minako is waiting for what should have apparently be their gal pal hangout but now… is a really failed date.

And Chibi-Usa, bless her damn heart, calls the boys bullying her out on being assholes.

NO MINAKO “boys always tease the girls they like” YES MAKO “no, they were just bullies” NO MINAKO “I think you judge boys too much” okay, I don’t remember this episode, but in this aspect of the argument I agree with Mako.


The Game of Thrones joke is too easy, so I’ll make an Ultimates jokes instead.

See, and this is how you tell which of the sisters is parallel to which of the senshi, because Calaveras and Petz are arguing about men just like Minako and Mako were.

It’s really convenient that the Crystal Points all keep being in shops and not in someone’s house or something.

And then Calaveras summons a Droid out of her… wine glass that magically materialized.

While hanging out in a floating dimension of transparent pillars.

If Usagi’s so clumsy, how did she manage to walk backwards for so long? Oh, she just fell down, never mind.

The wine monster just walked into a storeroom where a naked woman appeared to be suspended in spiderwebs.  This shit is terrifying.

But also hilarious because of the SPOOPY MUSIC

Such spoop.


Yes, the jewelry salesladies in what appear to be capes resembling the top of choir robes are completely trustworthy.

“I’m not hung up on past love!” Ah yes, that’s convincing.

“I think the boy who dumped Mako has poor taste… I want you to have a good, loving relationship… You’re a good friend, after all.”  VERY GAL PAL

Are they going to kiss though

I can find you fanart if you want.

Ami and Rei just wandering around looking for their friends.

“You’ll forget everything and learn to hate men” OKAY PETZ


“I’m going to kill you so you stop talking about soulmates from another world.”

“I feel bad about this, but you have to die.”


“Neither of us want to become man-haters like them.”  I’m dying of laughter.

“Before you ask others, you should introduce yourself first.”


I just noticed the other one has what looks like eyeballs on the cups of her bra.

I also find it really amusing that while the other three have evil analogues of their senshi analogue’s power, Calaveras just has… whips.  Because that is the evil version of love chains.

Venus Love-Me Chains, that is.

OH SHIT IT’S CARNAGE. I guess Ultimate Carnage more than 616 Carnage, but still.

Venus Love-Me Chains sounds like something that’s sold in a shop that you have to show ID for.

“Jeez, don’t I get to say my catchphrase?”

Pizza and coffee sold in the cafe with a chicken on the sign.

“You’re going to kill yourself, Usagi,” Ami says with a sighing expression as Usagi chugs a whole pitcher of… love potion.

“Bleh on you!”

“I’ll punish you with twenty times more spiciness!”

“Oh, that’s right.  You’re here, Usagi.”  As if her father forgot she was there.

Usagi’s sympathy is peaked by Chibi-Usa’s inability to make food.  Usagi is suggesting Mamoru come to the party with the two of them.  This will end well.

“Do you realize how early it is?” Depending on how early, that’s a very civil response.

And it’s going to be even more of a disaster because none of them can make the food, most like.

“A man who judges a woman by her appearance isn’t worth it.”  Not horrible advice, Petz.  Even if it’s made bitterly.

Wow, shocker! The Crystal Point is located in a shop! Or a supermarket, in this case.

It’s funny how many words for vegetables that I was taught when I took Japanese, and therefore how many words I’m recognizing right now.  I also learned the word for “ambulance.”

“Skills!  Skills!”

I’m really confused by the outfits that future!Mamoru and future!Usagi are wearing in her memories-of-the-future.

NEW WONDER FRUITS and DARK FRUITS were two of the banners at the supermarket. I’m intrigued.

“Eat this dark fruit, and let’s all be unhappy!”

“Men love to submit to cute women like me” I SEE


Rotten food in the supermarket.

Rei feels awkward about going to the curry party instead of Usagi.  Rei is nicer to Usagi when Usagi isn’t listening.

And the supermarket is disintegrating.

That random non-disintegrating carrot is really funny to me.


Who is WOW SUPER RACIST. Being a dark-skinned woman with a grass skirt and clothing made of fruit, and all.

Banana Knife.


“You’ve angered the fresh highland vegetables” okay Usagi.

Sailor Mars is going to discipline the Droid with a… shopping cart.

Oh, Tuxedo Mask is actually going to engage in combat this episode.

And suddenly Jupiter and Mercury and Venus appear and insist that they’ll insist on hearing who these women are.

That didn’t work out so well.

“But we’ll pay you back with interest!”

And Usagi actually succeeds at cooking!


Television Tuesday :: Justified.

14 Apr

I’ve been watching Justified since it began, and like… just about everything that I’ve been watching for the past bunch of years, it’s just come to an end.  (I feel like there is some great significant life feeling to be had here, but honestly, most of my shows that have already ended I’ve been ready to see them go given how things have turned out I’m really not kidding I’m not getting over True Blood I’m really sorry you guys.)  I know I don’t talk about it much, because I just… don’t.  It’s always been a consistent source of enjoyment for me, though, not my most favorite but not my least favorite by far.

Now, my people and I started watching this show because of one reason, and that reason is Timothy Olyphant.  We love him from Deadwood and we think it’s completely hilarious that he seems to only play two varieties of role (psycho criminal and law enforcement officer) and we just… love him.  (Doesn’t hurt that my mother and I can agree on him being a rather becoming fellow.)  And to be sure, he’s always been in fine form on Justified: Raylan is a much snarkier asshole than Seth (who, bless him, is also a bit of an asshole at times, but in a different way) and rather more openly philandering, he’s got a wryer sense of humor and less of a werewolf guilt complex, but nonetheless he’s interesting enough that I’ve never begrudged him his existence like I’ve gradually started to do with, say, Don Draper.  I’ve rolled my eyes at him sometimes (his ineffable penchant for blondes, for example) but I’ve usually at least liked him overall.

He’s not the reason I stuck around, though.  While I think that Walton Goggins’ Boyd is masterfully acted and written, and Joelle Carter’s Ava has always been compelling, it’s a few of the side characters that have held my attention most.  Though Loretta (Kaitlyn Dever) was really a tertiary character, mostly tethered to the second and last seasons, I always had a fondness for her, probably because I have this residual fondness for sassy teenage girls that comes from my days of being a teenage girl who desperately wanted to be sassy.

The great joys of the show for me have always been Tim (Jacob Pitts) and Rachel (Erica Tazel), though.  Raylan’s fellow deputy marshals, they’ve always been a grounding force for the narrative, and a source of blessed sass of different ways as well.  Tim is this gift of a man, completely snarky and oddly self-aware, never gross, just brilliant; Rachel takes no shit from anyone and runs this town and she’s a WOC high-ranking law enforcement officer whose plot was always her own.  The greatest disappointment of this show for me has always been that there hasn’t been enough Tim and Rachel.

And as a finale episode?  Well, I admit that I was expecting it to follow the tradition of late: semi-tragic white man sacrifices himself for… something in the show’s final scenes.  (No, but seriously.  It’s the Breaking Bad formula.  Also followed at the least by True Blood and Sons.  Probably by other things.)  I was expecting shootouts and deaths, at least one that would make me angry.  Instead, I got things handled by proper legal procedure, then a Four Years Later (which, I admit, when I saw that I actually groaned, because I am exhausted with time jumps) that actually wound up being sort of sweet and slightly implication-filled in a way I wouldn’t have predicted but that actually makes sense the more I think about it.

So, good job, show.  You never disappointed.

–your fangirl heroine.

sunshine smile


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