Things in Print Thursday :: Barnes & Noble and this month

21 Jul

A slightly different breakdown this week, of Barnes & Noble’s 23 PTSD – Fiction list books. As these are slightly more officially recommended, it surveys a different perspective.

Female protagonist: 7

Female author: 11

Female character with PTSD: 3

Nonwhite character with PTSD: 2

Protagonist with PTSD: 14

PTSD-having person unclear in synopsis: 2

PTSD from war: 19

PTSD from other: 2

PTSD’s cause unclear in synopsis: 2

And one book not given any identifying information.

Many of the patterns still remain.

–your fangirl heroine.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is a video game tournament for some reason and also a Miss United States pageant.

20 Jul

Maybe Mamo would cheer you up if Mamo ever wrote back.

Chibi-Chibi is catching magical light butterflies? Chibi-Chibi is stepping in the magical light lake? Chibi-Chibi is Rainbow Brite?

What in the fuuuuuck

The Lights can see the magical butterflies too??????? What the fuuuuuuuck

AW, shit, Galaxia can also feel the butterflies.

Chibi squared, her slippers say. That’s cute.

So the Three Lights are still being dicks. I am not surprised.

Why is he at a video game event? That doesn’t make any sense.

Because celebrity????

Oh my godddd they’re cosplaying

Ami doesn’t wanna cosplay she’s shy but she can science the video games!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ami has to do it for all their sakes!!!  WHAT THe fuCK IS shE WEARING I LOVE HERRRRR

“I’ve never lost to a girl” WELL HE IS GONNA

Clearly this man has never heard of 3 Jigglypuffs Kill Link which is totally possible in SSB even though Jigglypuff is the worst character, I have done it


Oh my goddd she’s dressed up like god-Mercury adorable

She’s gonna talk serious whether HE LIKES IT OR NOT because he’s being a jackass and she’s not going to allow that “she’s a kind-hearted girl who brings joy to everyone” she’s so intense.

Oh no, you don’t say, the random internet celebrity is being targeted?


The fucking Tardis has been appearing every time to take all of them away.

Sailor Mercury is gonna do this thing she’s gonna do it all by herself.

Meanwhile, Chibi-Chibi is delivering the mystical peace teapot to Usagi.

BABY not wanting to be a burden wanting to fight baby

Oh there’s a serious moment. They’re having an identity crisis or some shit.

“Sailor Moon is literally a light of hope to you all.” NO FUCKING SHIT?

Minako’s gonna be in a talent contest. This is definitely not going to end poorly.

Except… not yet.

Because she’s worried about the universe.

“I thought I smelled the princess” that isn’t creepy at all bro

“I was sure I smelled her” STOP

Meanwhile the girls are all telling Minako to go for it because they’re such damn good friends.

Nyanko: “A Japanese slang term roughly equivalent to “kitty” or “kittycat” in English.”

Yaten is pissed at Minako for doing this thing. Minako insists her friends told her to come. Yaten doesn’t understand because he’s a dickbag.

The outfits worn by the talent competitors are confusing.

Minako’s included.

You know, I’m sure this song is lovely in Japanese…

Now they’re having a rave??? To judge the girls’ dance skills? This seems like a bad idea.

Now they’re having a swimsuit competition? With Q&A?

“That’s a hard question. I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!”

“I wonder if we’re lacking something.” Yeah, like positive personalities?

“Cat! Take care of the three-year-old.”

“Do re mi fa Boom Boom!” WHAT

Also the Star Lights’ powers… don’t make sense… Fighter has the Gentle Uterus, Healer has the sensitive Inferno? That doesn’t…

Also, the toddler is chasing the cats around. Why don’t the cats just jump up onto something?

That is a damn good question.

–your fangirl heroines.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on Wild Things

18 Jul

I like Ladyhawke pretty well and I need something cute. This is from last month but I don’t care.

“A Love Song.” The fact of “this is what a love song sounds like” fascinates me. It’s so chipper but it’s… it’s so? Against things that are fucked up? I’m delighted. “this could be my life but it’s only words to make me right when the meaning’s blurred, you’ve opened my eyes to the oldest tale of time, this is what a love song, love song sounds like” I’m feeling.

“The River.” “Something in the river, it has taken me, all across the oceans” and na-na-nas I’m. This feels like beautiful fuck you music.

“Wild Things.” “There’s a fire in the heartland” “we dance together like we’re wild things in the night” this is so. This is cheery and it’s helping. Thank.

“Let It Roll.” “Let it roll like a newborn soul” oh my goodness, Ladyhawke. My buttons, they have been gently pressed. I’m into this. I’m not even sure what buttons those are but it’s the right kind of thing for me right now and it’s the right kind of thing for summertime.

“Chills.” “All the people around they know that you wear a crown” wow you want me to use you on a fanmix don’t you don’t you “this is love this is love this is everything” “you started fires and you’re giving me, giving me chills

“Sweet Fascination.” Such synth. Many cheer. I’m zoning out but I need to right now.

“Golden Girl.” “I’m lost to rhymes that made me.” Yes? This? Tiny baby happy Myrcella sunbathing on a Dornish beach splashing around with her foster cousins, who have never tried to kill her?

“Hillside Avenue.” This just is a big happy fuck you album. I like happy fuck you music.

“Money to Burn.” “She’s just a girl with her eye on the world” yesssss give here. Could this be gay?

“Wonderland.” “This is another type of loving place” oh that’s nice. This is nice. It’s not even that happy lyrically but it’s upbeat.

“Dangerous.” SO MUCH SYNTH so much everything.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: social triggers

17 Jul

Def.: Behaviors (and such) that, when one encounters them in another person, one bristles involuntarily.

Usage: When husbands speak to their wives certain ways (or men to women in general, honestly), regardless of context, or use certain language, it serves as a heavy social trigger for me.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: Westerosi influence on formal fashion (part 8)

15 Jul

Bluefly! I give no damns this game is fun.


Well, this White and Black Sateen Cross Front Evening Gown is ridiculous. It even does the thing of crossing over the top part.


Ah yes. It wouldn’t be this game without some variant on the One Shoulder Attached Cape Maxi Gown.


This Illusion Yoke Hi-Low Gown is a very saucy Tyrell mourning dress, but let’s be real.


A Praza Gown to vaguely encompass several elements.

–your fangirl heroine.



Things in Print Thursday :: Goodreads for the month, part 2

14 Jul

Once again. The game tonight is: of the second 25 most popular books shelved “PTSD” on Goodreads, how many have protagonists with PTSD (0) instead of supporting characters (1), how many have female protagonists (2), how many have mentioned-in-the-summary-or-cover-to-be-nonwhite protagonists (3), how many have war-related PTSD (4) vs. otherwise-related PTSD (5), how many have PTSD actually mentioned in the summary by name (6), how many are for all intents and purposes romance novels where the PTSD is helped by heterosexual love (7) or homosexual love (8)? And (9) for nonfiction.

0: 14

(About the same as last week.)

1: 5

2: 6

(Maybe more women had PTSD but boy howdy the summaries didn’t show it.)


(o i c)

4: 9

5: 8

(A bit more evenly split this time.)

6: 6

(An improvement, I guess.)

7: 10

8: 12

(This was the half where the m/m romance dominated. 11 of those were m/m and only one was f/f.)

9: 4

–your fangirl heroine.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which all of the Three Lights are assholes and Usagi’s lesbian moms know best.

13 Jul

Oh noes everyone knows everyone’s secrets what will happen.

“But Taiki is still Taiki” yes Mako the fact that they’re genderqueer and shout about gentle uteri doesn’t change anything about them, like the fact they’re giant assholes.

“What are you doing in the dark?” Brooding, obviously.

WOW that’s actually a discussion about how the Sailor Scouts could be a good distraction. Seiya finally does one thing that’s not a jerk move in saying that’s fucked up.

Why is there a grid in their space void.

Sailor Tin Nyanko the frightening squeaking kinky cat girl???

“Trash will always be trash!”

She’s getting worked up because Aluminum Siren was her girlfriend obviously.

I am uncomfortable

“This is problematic” yes Rei you’re right

Her advice isn’t terrible, actually. Be sincere. The setup is just. Why.

I cannot help but say, heteros????


“Now care to read some postcards set to requested songs?” That sounds ridiculous.

Usagi, friend, this is a boy who won’t leave you alone despite you repeatedly saying you have a boyfriend. Why are you worried about hurting him.

Well this is awkward

WOW MAN Taiki and Yaten are making up for Seiya being marginally less of an asshole this episode in spades.

Felled by a pop can.

What the hell is this monster

And why does that radio DJ wear a sweatshirt and basketball shorts? And yellow glasses?

oh no did he die. how sad.

“Haruka and Taiki won’t let me see Seiya.” Damn, he’s not dead, but also listen to Haruka.

“But we might use her” and Uranus goes on the offensive and all of them are about to go on the offensive until Seiya shows up, injured, to intervene. Seriously y’all. You’ll be fine. Just peace out from each other a while.

Bless Ami, making up lies about cake to cheer Usagi up. Bless Mako, playing along.

“A live rehearsal” as opposed to?

A dead one!

That’s what Seiya should be having, alas.


I mean, agency interference is dumb and I don’t like it, but.

I’m still so confused about why she wants to talk to him so bad? He’s a douchebag?

“Siren used to love amusement parks” JUST ADMIT YOU’RE GAY CROW


He just almost passed out from trying to put a guitar on he should be in bed

I like that Chevron sponsors a ferris wheel apparently.

This is literally they only song they ever play


And then he collapsed everyone is horrified I am struggling to give a shit.

I’m sorry but no sensible lesbian would do this shit

Sensible and lesbians are almost anagrams

“I won’t allow you to attack people who came here to enjoy themselves!” oh my god it’s the meme

Goddddd Sailor Moon you had better thank your lesbian moms

“Don’t get the wrong idea. We didn’t come to save him.” same

Good she said thank you

“Anyway, we will protect this planet ourselves!” Damn skippy you will

All I’m saying is the Three Lights would be 100x more interesting if they were just openly gay for each other

–your fangirl heroines.



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