Whimsy Wednesday :: in which a fangirl goes too far and sad Hotaru is sad.

7 Oct

Ah yes, because Mimete is Minako’s analogue.

God it’s actually really creepy that Mistress 9’d Hotaru is put into a frilly Victorian little girl’s party dress.  Like.  Infantilization.

Yeah, the fawning over a pop star isn’t really helping with that.

Minako what is your sweater.  What.

That pop star also looks like the blandest dude.

“He’s an eighteen-year-old…” So JUST this side of sketchy!

No.  Mimete will not be a great leader someday.  Mimete will soon be dead.

And Doctor Daddy Dearest is just a sketchy weirdo.

“People should go all out on the things they love!” NO that’s how we get Snapewives

If the audition involves a swimsuit portion, probably don’t go to it, that’s a horrible terrible idea.

“It would be a problem if an excellent worker like you had to call in sick” shitty job, that, if calling in sick is problematic.  But also, yes, of course it’s a shitty job, considering it involves murdering people for a possessing demon lady.

“The girl who gets the support of 80% of the audience will be the winner!” What an arbitrary number.

I’m sorry, but what does eating eggs for breakfast have to do with becoming a great actress?

And what does the ability to say one’s name and smile have to do with their ability to be the star of a movie?

This kid is a surprisingly wise teen idol.

Oh yes, the silly one with a microphone on her head or whatever.  Mimete is rather kawaii.

“Songs are everyone’s friend.”

“I am Sailor Venus, an ally to all the idols around the world.”

“Death Busters is an evil organization!”

Oop here’s Sailor Pluto to shed light on some bad shit.

Doctor Daddy Dearest get your hands off the young girl.  I mean, she’s adult aged.  But young.

Setsuna here to say hi to Chibi-Usa after school.  Might there be reasons for this? Or might she just be catching up.

Also, Setsuna has lipstick.  That’s how you can tell she’s a Grown Up.

THE SILENCE oh wait this isn’t Doctor Who

“You’re so cute.  I hate you a hundred times over.”

Baby Hotaru baby I’m so I just want to hug you.

Kaori is a jerkface and Hotaru is having none of it.


Luckily Ami’s mother can fix Hotaru right up at the nearby hospital.  Except Ami’s mother can’t un-possess her.  But still.

“Hotaru considers you a precious friend.”

Oh no semi-sepia tinted bad dreams where Hotaru is terrorized by Kaori, shunned by her peers, accused of doing things she doesn’t remember, comforted by her creepy father.



“I have strict orders from home never to be seen by another doctor” THAT’S NOT SUSPICIOUS


Haruka is suspicious af about this development.

“Leap Out My Friend” what the hell name for a show is that?

“The winds are restless” what are you, Legolas?

“I want to be friends with you forever.” NOPE

Sailor Chibi Moon exists for just in case the adult senshi weren’t twee enough.

“Join me, little girl” NOPE

This one is actually terrifying omg

“More interference!” honey this shouldn’t surprise you by now

Glow-eyed possessed shield-generating Hotaru terrifies Uranus, as is correct.

“The way I am, I’m going to end up hurting you” HOTARU BABY

“What’s most important is the genuine desire to be friends” gal pals, even?

–your fangirl heroines.

Television Tuesday :: two Brooklyn Nine-Nine shots although I’m not caught up

6 Oct

I’m actually only through season 1.  But they’re adorable.

Green apple liqueur
Caramel vodka


Peach schnapps
Honey vodka

Amy is my favorite, she said, surprising no one.

–your fangirl heroine.

Music Monday :: my thoughts on This Is War

5 Oct

Hi, Emily Kinney!  I’m glad I stopped watching The Walking Dead before I had to see whatever happened to Beth.

“This Is War.”  Strummy indie folk pop about a shitty snobby ex that she may… be interested in still, in a way.  Repeatedly singing “bang bang bang bang pow pow pow pow” oh my god she’s seriously the cutest.

“Birthday Cake.”  There’s something very Ingrid Michaelson about this.  It’s kind of schmaltzy but I’m okay with it because it’s also so adorable.

“Mess.”  I’m not having a lot of revelations thus far but this is adorable.  I really enjoy her voice, it does interesting things and is very clear and sweet.  I also appreciate that so far she’s mostly been saying “you” but not gendering that “you.”

“Berkeley’s Breathing.”  And just as I finish that thought she says “boy.”  Oh well.  This is continuing to be sweet and plaintive.

“Michael.”  “If there is such a thing as magic human souls” oh that’s sweet.  This is very… genuine.  That’s a good word for it.

“Never Leave LA.”  This is almost enchantingly cute.  It’s just lulling me into happiness.

“Crash and Burn.”  More charm.  This is very charming.  I’m saying nothing articulately but “you’re a top back shelf late-expired lover” that’s so adorable.

“Molly.”  “Never thought you were the type to understudy” oh my god that’s the perfect way to put it.  This is almost Josie and the Pussycats.

“Last Chance.”  Gosh this is kind of an angry song but it’s really sweet at the same time.  “When the world is on fire but your heart is on ice it’s hard to know what’s wrong and what’s right” that’s a pretty.

“Weapons.”  There’s a theme here.  This is lovely.  I’m sorry this review is so inarticulate.

–your fangirl heroine.

Sundry Sunday :: a hopefully reassuring letter

4 Oct

Dear friends,

Hi.  Are you doing all right today? I really hope you are.  Thing is, I know that brains can be assholes.  Bodies too.  They don’t always cooperate, and part of you might know something that another part of you is refuting.  I know that feel too.  So if you’re not doing all right, I want you to know that it’s okay.  It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.  It just means that today is not your day, and that happens.

But your day is probably going to be soon!  And even if it’s not, I’m sure there are people who love you and want to try to make your life better however they can.  Because I’m sure you’re awesome, and you deserve that.

Take good care of yourself, okay?

–your fangirl heroine.

Sarcastic Saturday :: my life philosophy in haiku

3 Oct

When someone asks me
Hey, are you a feminist?
I always say yes.

I will also say
If given a chance.

I am not ashamed
I do not see you should
Have to be ashamed.

–your fangirl heroine.

Fashion Friday :: lady knight of one glorious moment.

2 Oct

So Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) got to do one really awesome thing this season, the thing at the end.  Because fuck Stannis.  But she spent the majority of the rest of the season……. staring out the window.  And that’s lame.

Let’s start with a leather jacket because hell yes.  Berlin There, Done That Jacket, ModCloth.

Layer on a turtleneck because warmth and practicality.  Speciality Chai Top, ModCloth.

Jeans because moving around kicking ass.  Seamingly So Pants in Black, ModCloth.

Boots because also kicking ass.  Meandering Standards Boots in Ink – Wide Calf, ModCloth.

A watch because she needs some way to pass the time while she stares out the window for hours.  Teacup and Running Watch in Silver – Midi, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

Things in Print Thursday :: on a book talk by the authors of Zeroes

1 Oct

By drift partner.

I only go to book talks and book signings every year or every other year, generally. I love listening to good authors talk about their books, but generally I don’t make the effort to go to an author event unless I feel very strongly about the author. Scott Westerfeld is one of three people I am willing to make a significant effort for, since he has consistently proved himself to be a great, compassionate writer and an interesting person. I met him in 2009 and it stands out as one of the best “celebrity” experiences I have had, because he took the time to chat with not only me, but everyone in line.

So when I heard that he and his coauthors Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti were stopping in the Seattle area to sign their book Zeroes, I got excited. Zeroes is about six superpowered teens whose powers all have some communal element to them (for example, one character can detect electronic signals and selectively target and crash them; another has the ability to both transmit emotional states into groups of people and feed off the emotional state of a group, generally creating a feedback loop). The plot…I am a little fuzzy on, honestly, but it seems to have something to do with finding more powered people and/or possibly stopping crime. Quite frankly, I think Westerfeld could write a treatise on the history of embroidery machines and I would read it and love it, so I’m biased. And I have read Lanagan’s novel Tender Morsels, a dark retelling of the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red that has lovely prose – and surprise incest and rape in the first few chapters that really soured me on the rest of the book, unfortunately. I’m willing to give her another chance, though. Biancotti’s two short story collections seem to have not been published in the US, just her native Australia, but I want to track them down.

The three of them together were warm, funny, and clever, passing the mic between them and insisting that each other answer certain questions. In multi-author groups where one author is significantly more well-known/experienced than the others, you might expect the experienced author to hog the mic, but that didn’t happen here. All three were generous to each other, bantering playfully about their planning process for the novel, their writing styles (Biancotti teased Lanagan for being a “pretentious” writer), and their nerdiness or lack thereof. While in the early stages of the novel, they explained, they went and sat in a pub every week for hours discussing superpowers and the possibilities therein. One moment I found especially amusing was when they mentioned the 20000 words they wrote about the six characters playing video games and little else – “this is why Margo wins literary awards,” joked Westerfeld, “because she loves writing pages and pages that sound gorgeous but nothing really happens.”

They also talked a little bit about the differences between writing in a group vs. writing alone, and the inspiration for them to work together. Lanagan apparently went to a writing workshop that involved a TV writers’ style pitch group where, as she put it, “we wrote an episode of Homeland because obviously we were brilliant and the Homeland people were going to hire us.” She described the process as wild, saying that six strangers together coming up with ideas quickly escalates into who can suggest the most ridiculous thing. So, since the three of them were friends and lived close, they decided to collaborate. Someone asked during the Q&A whether writer’s block happened while writing with partners, and all three said it didn’t because when writing with more than one person, you can email your co-writers and ask for help with X plot point or ask if Y was something you’d all agreed on. I hadn’t thought of it this way before, and while I’m still not in love with the idea of collaborating in general, it certainly seems like a significant perk.

Finally, the actual signing was lovely. Lanagan asked my friend if she knew her from somewhere, and my friend joked that no she didn’t, but they could be friends! Which prompted the author to sign “to my friend” in her book. I talked a bit with Biancotti and promised to look up her stories, which she seemed happy about. Westerfeld was lovely with both my friend and me, and when I asked him about a queer romance plot in one of his books (I won’t say which, it’s a spoiler, but it’s one of the more recent ones) he said it wasn’t quite his intention but that it just sort of happened. Which is how I prefer straight writers to write queer relationships, really.

My day was less than stellar, and this was a lovely event that made up for a lot of it. I don’t buy many books new anymore, but I feel good about my choice to support these writers (and the lovely independent bookstore, Third Place Books, at which their talk was held).


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