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Television Tuesday :: Know Some Things [a Jon/Ygritte fanmix]

25 Jun

know some things (front)

know some things (back)

1. Pinesong (A Fine Frenzy)
The words you speak stir things in me that I thought were gone.  Their faint white heat melts centuries deep in frost.  I can feel it through the fields of graves, a beating heart while rolling hills are roaming through my veins, and open arms, and all is full of hope.

2. The Hiding (Rising Fawn)
In the dust, you are holding hands with fear.  Is it too late to sing loud?  You have grown so inwardly here and with these notes that you’ve buried.

3. Maybe Not Tonight (Glen Hansard)
Echoes of another time playing lightly on my mind.  There’s many rivers still cross to temper bitterness and loss, though what you say is true, this might be it for me and you.  Maybe we can draw that line, maybe another time.  Well I wanna do what’s right, but maybe not tonight.

4. Certainty (Laura Gibson)
Carve your frozen lips around the words you’re meant to say, I swear I heard you closing in.  The way of every conversation ends in someone wondering if they were in the wrong.  Take one more honest look, I will apologize I’m sure, seems nothing ends in certainty these days.

5. Blunderbuss (Jack White)
I laid you down and touched you like the two of us both needed, safe to say that others might not approve of this and pleaded.  “So selfish,” then would be their cry and who’d be brave to argue?  Doin’ what two people need is never on the menu.

6. I’m An Animal (Neko Case)
Pick up that rock (drink from that lake), I do my best but I’m made of mistakes.  Yes, there are things I’m still quite sure of, I love you this hour, this hour today, and heaven will smell like the airport (airport), but I may never get there to prove it.  So let’s not waste our time thinking how that ain’t fair.

7. Avalanches (Culla’s Song) (A Fine Frenzy)
The sun is overhead and you lift your face up to the sky and you sing this place the sweetest song it’s ever known.  Then slowly the deer and the rabbits crept outside to hear, the grizzlies left their great big teeth and their claws at home.  Don’t be scared of avalanches tucked up in my snowy branches, I will.  And look how well the gray wolf dances, you bring light and second chances, I will, oh I will.

8. Someone You’d Admire (Fleet Foxes)
After all is said and done I feel the same.  All that I hoped would change within me stayed like a huddled moon-lit exile on the shore, warming his hands, a thousand years ago.

9. The Night Comes (Eisley)
When the night comes I’ll be the one with torches, I’m shining on.  And when your head hit the bed that I’m lying on, I’ll be your watcher through the night.  Because I’m, I’m better than this, and you all, you couldn’t resist, and that’s ok because I love you all, I love you all, I love you the most.

10. January Hymn (The Decemberists)
How I lived a childhood in snow and all my teens in tow stuffed in strata of glow.  Hail the winter days after dark, wandering the gray memorial park, a fleeting beating of hearts.  What were the words I meant to say before she left?  When I could see her breath lead where she was going to.

11. I Know You Care (Ellie Goulding)
Oh, but I know you care, I know it is always been there, but there’s trouble ahead, I can feel it, you are just saving yourself when you hide it,.  Yeah, I know you care, I see it in the way you stare, as if there was trouble ahead and you knew it, I’ll be saving myself from the ruin.  And know it wasn’t always wrong, but I’ve never known a winter so cold, now I don’t warm my hands in your coat.  But I still hope, ’cause this is how things ought to have been, and I know the worst of it wasn’t all that it seemed, why can’t I dream?  Why can’t I dream?

12. All the Way Down (Glen Hansard)
And what chance had we got when you missed every shot for me?  And in the morning when you’re turning, I’ll be out of reach, and in the darkness when you find this, I’ll be far to sea.  And you have broken me all the way down, you’ll be the last, you’ll see, down, down, down.

13. Bury Your Past (Merriment)
Oh you deserve your pain when you’re sitting alone in your house and your lights are off ’cause you don’t know who you are but it hurts.  Your pain when you’re sitting alone in your house and your lights are off and you don’t know who you are but it hurts.  So you forget her now she’s gone, so you forget her now she’s gone, like a beautiful day that carried you all the way home, like a beautiful day that carried you all the way home.

Know Some Things at 8tracks.

i am totes benevolent

Television Tuesday :: Unbeautifully Used [a Ros fanmix]

7 May

unbeautifully used (front)

unbeautifully used (back)

1. Between Sheets (Imogen Heap)
Oh, and the morning on the your skin and loved up light, tracing patterns in the maze of your back, softly, softly the goose bumps like that, and then a kiss… maybe another, and another one.

2. When the Day is Short (Martha Wainwright)
No more sober words of love, no more walks in the park side, no more sweet & shy touches, yeah, we’re just lovers in the dark.  Feel nothing, leave no mark, but it was fun when we saw sparks.  When the day is short and the nights are long it’s a different world where the rules are wrong.

3. Sun Giant (Fleet Foxes)
What a life I lead in the summer, what a life I lead in the spring, what a life I lead when the wind, it breathes, what a life I lead in the spring.

4. Stinging Velvet (Neko Case)
Cold and shivering, cold and shivering, old and shivering warm.  Sing please, rock me to sleep, quiet as a canyon up under heaven’s eaves I surrender, surrender.

5. With the Light (Julia Stone)
Open the window, they’re not free, open the window, they’re not free at all.  Open the window, they can’t see, open the window, they can’t see at all.  With the light, they will find, with the light, they will find.

6. Postures Bent (Laura Gibson)
All the leaders, seasons change, burning in our cartons, singing stories in our ears, pulling, pulling at our wills.

7. Psalm (M. Ward)

8. Kiss Kiss (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Now move I’m gonna come dry, I dropped my musings out of sight, I drank until the waters dried, it’s all cute ’til someone dies.  Shoot my name up every vein, you can’t get hurt, you can’t complain, no feet, no hands, no tail, no lies, he’s got youth on his side.

9. Explosions (Ellie Goulding)
You left my soul bleeding in the dark so you could be king, the rules you set are still untold to me and I lost my faith in everything.  The nights you could cope, your intentions were gold, but the mountains will shake.

10. Sadseasong (A Fine Frenzy)
Life without a witness is a lonely business.  No one here to rise with, none to lie with.  Wish it were a bad dream, sad sea, sad dream.  Wish I could awake.

11. Odalisque (The Decemberists)
They’ve come to find you, Odalisque, as the light dies horribly.  On a fire escape you walk, all rare and resolved to drop.  And when they find you, Odalisque, they will rend you, terribly, stitch from stitch ’til all your linen limbs will fall.

Unbeautifully Used at 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.

try me

Whedon Wednesday :: A Series of Excuses [a Whiskey - Claire fanmix]

21 Nov

1. Disarm (The Civil Wars)
Disarm you with a smile and cut you like you want me to, cut that little child inside of me and such a part of you.  Ooh, the years burn.

2. Stockholm Syndrome (Muse)
I won’t stand in your way.  Let your hatred grow and she’ll scream and she’ll shout and she’ll pray, and she had a name, yeah she had a name.

3. Company Calls (Death Cab for Cutie)
I’ll take the best of your bad moods and dress them up to make a better you, ’cause all the company calls amount to one paycheck.  I’d squeeze a heart through my fingertip but I type too slow to make expressions stick, and it’s like TV with a microchip.

4. Doctor Blind (Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton)
My baby’s got the lonesome lows, don’t quite go away overnight, doctor blind just prescribe the blue ones.  If the dizzying highs don’t subside overnight, doctor blind, just prescribe the red ones.

5. The Point of It All (Amanda Palmer)
But no one can stare at the wall as good as you, my baby doll, and you’re aces for coming along, you’re almost human, after all.  And you’re learning that just ’cause they call themselves friends doesn’t mean they’ll call.  They made the comment in jest, but you’ve got the needle, I guess that’s the point of it all.

6. Many Shades of Black (The Raconteurs)
Let it out, let it all out, say what’s on your mind.  You can kick and scream and shout and say things that are so unkind, yeah, see if I care.  See if I stand firm or if I fall ’cause in the back of my mind and on the tip of my tongue is the answer to it all.

7. End of Amnesia (M. Ward)

8. La Familia (Mirah)
Let’s none of us forget about who we are.  So choose a path and follow it, take a pill and swallow it.  None of us forget about who we are, it’s not forever we can fool around in the dark.  If we sleep together would it make it any better?  If we sleep together would you be my friend forever?

9. Here Before (Lissie)
I ask the sky: tell me which way to go, how will I know to shine again?  I’ve been here before, I’ve seen it all and I can’t take no more, I mean it, I’ll go.  And this is the time, the time to change my life, yeah these are the times reaching up to find.

10. Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes)
What’s my name, what’s my station, oh just tell me what I should do.  I don’t need to be kind to the armies of night, that would do such injustice to you.

11. Pretender (Eisley)
You are so passive, you’re hiding, you are just standing on the edge, pretender.  Everything is normal, everything is fine, I don’t mean to hurt you, but I think you are lying.  Everything is normal, everything is fine, I don’t mean to hurt you, but I think you are lying.

12. Sleeper (Laura Gibson)
Oh sleeper, my keeper of days, we can’t get back the spring once it’s passed, for I was born in a colder time and we made our vows in ice and steel.

13. The Memory Machine (Julia Stone)
The blind loving the blind, and our voices become our fingers, and you touched me with your song and touched me all night long.  I miss you, I miss you, and the memory machine, making whiskey from the things we no longer need.

A Series of Excuses at 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.

Music Monday :: 6 more songs with proper names as/in the title

9 Jul

6. “Jessica,” Regina Spektor(on What We Saw From the Cheap Seats)
Yes.  This song, as I mentioned, is fairly convenient.  It’s soft and almost sad and wistful in a good way and just nice.

5. “Justine,” Julia Stone (on By the Horns)
And yes.  I want these lyrics to speak for themselves, really, because that is why I love this song so damn much.

4. “Johnny and June,” Angus and Julia Stone (on A Book Like This)
This is the peppy alt-track to their “Hollywood,” and I mean, I like it the slower way better, because I am that kind of person, but when it’s all upbeat, it’s also really cute.  So that counts for something.

3. “Jack Killed Mom,” Jenny Lewis (on Acid Tongue)
No, but I’ve talked before about how blissfully morbid and yet delightful this song is.  This is a list with minimal commentary, because the songs often do the talking.  Or I’ve talked about them before.

2. “Oliver James,” Fleet Foxes (on Fleet Foxes)
This song is so haunting.  Not in a creepy way, but still.  It’s wistful, but not in a sad way.  And it’s sort of epic, in a strange, outdoorsy, mountainy way.

Back we go to your brother’s house, emptier my dear
The sound of ancient voices ringing soft upon your ear

1. “Xavia,” the Submarines (on Honeysuckle Weeks)
I literally did not realize until I just looked it up that this song was on the Nick and Norah’s soundtrack.  It must have been hiding.  Anyway, I like this song because it is also cheerful and because Xavia is a name that you never hear, ever.  And I have a thing for weird names.

–your fangirl heroine.

Whedon Wednesday :: Still Not Convinced [a Browncoat fanmix]

9 May

1. Guns and Horses (Ellie Goulding)
Let’s join forces, we’ve got our guns and horses.  I know you’ve been burned but every fire is a lesson learned.

2. Home is a Fire (Death Cab for Cutie)
Plates they will shift, houses will shake, fences will drift, we will awake only to find nothing’s the same, nothing’s the same.  Home, home is a fire, a burning reminder of where we belong, love.

3. Black Crow (Angus and Julia Stone)
Won’t you help me be on my way?  Won’t you help me be on my way?  So I can set me free.  There’s propagan’ for every man on the paper stand you know.  When will the spinsters face, let give that twist of grace you know?  Do you know, mister, of this place? Do you know, mister? No time to waste.

4. Stood Up (A Fine Frenzy)
‘Cause we are not frightened anymore, we stood up, we stood up.  And there are two of us, there will be more, they’ll show up, they’ll show up. Yeah, they’ll show up.

5. Ready or Not (The Submarines)
‘Cause you are here and who you are and faith can make you wild with hope but now is where you are.  Ready or not we’re gonna be here tomorrow, whether or not you’ve stopped your wondering.  Ready or not we’re gonna be here tomorrow, wild with hope in spite of everything.

6. Black and Blue (Counting Crows)
You’ve been waiting a long time, you’ve been waiting a long time, to fall down on your knees, cut your hands, cut yourself until you bleed, but fall asleep next to me.

7. Mostly Waving (Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton)
This fall the blues are brown, so turn your horse around now, the blues are brown.  Missing, mostly waving, thought as I was, done, thought as I was, young, thought as I was.

8. Tracks in the Snow (The Civil Wars)
Whoa, I hear the quiet now of paper airplanes falling down.  Whoa, the branches of every tree bend like a cathedral over me, down where the river bends, everyone’s waiting, but that’s not the reason I’m making these tracks in the snow.

9. Ship My Body Home (Ben Lee)
You have to ship my body home, ship my body home.  All I ever wanted was to finish what I started but there’s no way I could do it on my own.  You have to ship my body home, driving through the mountains, cutting through the night time, stopping now and then to wonder why.

10.  White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)
I was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats, with scarves of red tied ’round their throats to keep their little heads from falling in the snow, and I turned ’round and there you go.  And Michael, you would fall and turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime.

11. I’m Not For Love (Carrie Rodriguez)
And if I don’t sleep then you’ll find that I’m fighting in the night for the day.  I’m not for sale, I’m not in line.

12. Foregone (The Decemberists)
Can it be that this is given, this awaking from long dark night of a soul so on and wizened, sleep away to set to rights?  And the reach and the wrecks and the wrong, all would lead to believe that it’s not, but it’s foregone, it’s foregone.  It’s foregone, it’s foregone.

13. Frozen (The Spring Standards)
Still I’m frozen in the tracks again, still frozen, still friends in the end.  Now shoot it to me straight ’cause I’d rather wait up here, and I need some place to settle.  We square hearts on fire, yeah I’m a beggar and a thief for you.

Still Not Convinced on 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.

Music Monday :: putting 5 musical birds on it, part 3

23 Apr

It just keeps on happening.

5. “The Littlest Birds,” the Be Good Tanyas
A pretty straightforwardly-lyrical bird song.

Well it’s times like these
I feel so small and wild
Like the ramblin’ footsteps of a wanderin’ child
And I’m lonesome as a lonesome whippoorwill
Singin’ these blues with a warble and a trill
But I’m not too blue to fly
No I’m not too blue to fly cause
The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs…

Flying and singing like birds do with some plant and color references tossed in there for good measure.  Nice and easy.

4. “Bird of the Summer,” A Fine Frenzy
And more straightforwardness.  So many people can write distinctly different songs about the same general theme, and it’s somehow still interesting.  Awesome.

The fields where we wandered were golden, now only muddy my boots
And I know I should recover, you’re a bird of the summer
I was wrong to try and capture you
Flight, flight

This is off the album Bomb in a Birdcage, so it makes sense that it references a captured/caged bird.  Yes.

3. “Drops in the River,” Fleet Foxes
Birds as part of a narrative, adding to the ethereal mood.  These guys are big with the ethereal.

Years ago, birds of a feather would arrive nightly
Gone you know, held to another like clutched ivy
On the shore, speak to the ocean and receive silence
Only you, only you, you know

2. “Wind in the Wires,” Patrick Wolf
Again, basically thematically similar, though because it’s Patrick Wolf it feels significantly darker.

This wild electricity,
made static by industry.
Like a bird in an aviary,
Singing to the sky,
Just singing to be free.
To be free.

Freedom is a beautiful, universal theme.  I think that’s the lesson here.

1. “Jailbird,” M. Ward
An even more caged bird, yearning to be free.  Is this an actual bird in a cage?  Is this a person who is the proverbial jailbird?  Does it matter?

Jailbird, jailbird, singing through the wires
‘Cause his cage is closed and he’s stuck inside
Said who’s gonna hear my “Help me, help me” now?
Yeah, who’s gonna hear my “Help me, help me” now?
Help me, help me, help me help me now

–your fangirl heroine.

Television Tuesday :: He Pulled First [a Justified fanmix]

17 Apr

1. Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars)
Ain’t going back to Barton Hollow, devil gonna follow me e’er I go.  Won’t do me no good washing in the river, can’t no preacher man save my soul.  Did that full moon force my hand?  Or that unmarked hundred grand?  Ooh, underneath the water, please forgive me, Father.

2. The Plains/Bitter Dancer (Fleet Foxes)
You took a room and you settled in, washed off the chalk from your weathered skin.  Daylight sleeper, bloody reaper, you took a room and you settled in.  I should have known one day you would come, all of us walk so blind in the sun.  Midnight feeder, beggar pleader, I should have known one day you would come.  Tell me again my only son, tell me again what you have done.

3. Things That Scare Me (Neko Case)
The hammer clicks in place.  The world’s gonna pay right down in the face of God and his saints.  Claim your soul’s not for sale.  I’m a dying breed who still believes, haunted by American dreams.

4. Out of the Cold (Amos Lee)
Yes, I dug you in a bulletproof vest ’cause you can’t walk straight with a bullet in your chest.  Another man down with a flag to fold, it takes a lot of lovin’ comin’ out of the cold.

5. Little Lovin’ (Lissie)
Tenne saw what you see, Arkan I can’t I be calm.  Hollywood’s old darlin’, gonna move to N’awlins, singin’ psalms.  I gotta lotta lovin’, I gotta lotta lovin’, I gotta lotta love in my heart.  I’m gonna get to heaven, I’m gonna count to seven, I’m gonna get to heaven all right.

6. Carpetbaggers (Jenny Lewis)
“I’m a carpetbagger, baby.  I’m comin’ to your town.  I’m gonna treat you kind, I’m gonna rob you blind, I’ll smile all the time, whoa yeah.”  Whoa yeah, whoa yeah, whoa yeah.  They come to town when the party’s over, books been written and truths been tried.  They’ll take it all if the door’s left open, steal the nose right from under your eyes.

7. I’m Willing (Ben Lee)
I took a lock of golden hair.  I took a look, it was gone.  If living is giving, I’m ready, I’m willing.  I took her heart ’cause she let me.  I took a walk in the dark.  I took some time to decise if it was right. 

8. Wide River to Cross (Carrie Rodriguez f. Buddy Miller)
I’ve come a long, long road; still I’ve got some miles to go, I’ve got a wide, wide river to cross.  I have stumbled, I have strayed, you can trace the tracks I’ve made all across the memories my heart recalls.

9. Don’t Carry It All (The Decemberists)
Here we come to a turning of the season, witness to the arc towards the sun.  A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason becomes a burden borne of all and one.  And nobody, nobody knows.  Let the yoke fall from our shoulders, don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all.  We are all our hands and holders, beneath this bold and brilliant sun, and this I swear to all.

10. Horse and Cart (Angus & Julia Stone)
Suspicious corpse without a face, the screen light’s a hidden dim.  This black hawk can’t find its place, through the night we swim.

11. Top Yourself (The Raconteurs)
Yeah, how you gonna top yourself when your man stops ringing your bell?  You’re right between heaven and hell and you’re gonna need the good lord to help you.  How I’m gonna make you see that this ain’t no way to be free?  See you been getting it all for free, guess you better get a sugar daddy to help you.

12. The Junkie Song (The Be Good Tanyas)
And don’t we all hover between apathy and compassion, fill up all our days with so much distraction?  It makes it easier not to see what we don’t want to.  But we all live here, we all live here, we all live here.

13. The Fall (The Avett Brothers)
Don’t die on me, lady, only good things can come to those who practice reason and recognize good fun.  Your absence is the bullet and the past is your gun and we all fall down, and we all fall down.

14. Hands in Pockets (Laura Gibson)
Tell me you always go before me out along the solemn grate.  Tell me the season is almost over, I can wait.  When in daylight leaves you staring out in another undertow, I’ll be tired conversation, I’ll be waiting, get home.

He Pulled First on 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.

Whedon Wednesday :: Thanks For Sayin’ It [a Spike/Buffy fanmix]

7 Dec

1. Rest in Peace (James Marsters)
You’re scared, ashamed of what you feel.  And you can’t tell the ones you love, you know they couldn’t deal.  Whisper in a dead man’s ear, it doesn’t make it real.

2. Empty Space (The Narrative)
Grab tight, your knuckles white, wind up and swing with all your might.  All that will be hanging, by days spent in the dark.  Have you had enough, have you had enough?

3. Darkest Things (The Submarines)
And it’s funny how the darkest things you only find when you’ve been searching.  Don’t back down from what you need, guiltiness, it only makes you mean.

4. Of Pressure (Mirah)
I ask you what you think of my forward question.  Is it a release or a build up of pressure?  The earthquake is making the house shake, the house shake.

5. Pity and Fear (Death Cab for Cutie)
I have such envy for the stranger lying next to me who awakes in the night and slips out into the predawn light with no words, a clean escape, no promises or messes made, and chalks it all up to mistake, mistake, mistake.

6. Our Hell (Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton)
What I thought it was it isn’t now, what I thought it was it isn’t, punishment to stall what is done. What I thought was in this is missing out.  What I thought it was it isn’t now.  There’s a pattern in the system, there’s a bullet in the gun.  That’s why I tried to save you, but it can’t be done.  It can’t be done.

7. Set Fire to the Rain (Adele)
‘Cause there’s a side to you that I never knew, never knew, all the things you’d say, they were never true, never true, and the games you’d play, you would always win, always win.

8. Poison and Wine (The Civil Wars)
I wish you’d hold me when I turn my back.  The more I give, the less I give back.  Ooh, your hands can heal, your hands can bruise, I don’t have a choice, but I still choose you.  Oh, I don’t love you, but I always will.  Oh, I don’t love you, but I always will.

9. Innocent Son (Fleet Foxes)
Some twisted thorn tells me you saw me in the night with another, keep all my promises to break themI am no, oh no, innocent son, you run, rabbit, run.

10. Like the Actors (Eisley)
Down, down, down.  You love me, not the actor’s view of me.  Down and down, will you love me, not the actor’s view of me?

11.To the Grave (The Pierces)
I knew it was coming, now it’s running faster than me.  I cannot avoid this, there is one kiss waiting on me.  Fire in the sky, and our hearts beat on like a drum, death will inevitably come.  We are all helpless to the song marching us all to our grave, marching us all to the grave.

12.The Rules (Ben Kweller)
I try to do what is right, I try to win without a fight from time to time I turn around to that gun on the ground.  I try to seek more than this: a nice smile, a wet kiss, don’t want to miss what I’m looking for, but it’s behind your door.

13. I Have Loved You Wrong (The Swell Season)
Rest your head in my lap and I will lead you out of your own trap, and I’ll show you how much you have missed through the time we weren’t right.

14. Grace (Carrie Rodriguez)
The last place you know where you are, even if we stumble to the door, I’ll kiss your cheek once more.  I recall sideways smiling, taking there to the miles of love you gave, forever, you will be my grace.

–your fangirl heroine.

Music Monday :: 6 more albums made of folksy twangy epic win.

23 Aug

I’m just in that sort of place right now.

6. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes
I don’t have Helplessness Blues yet.  I know, so sue me.  But, I love their first self-titled album very much.  And I give them bonus points for being Portland locals.  Turned very very loud on one’s headphones in a crowded room of noisy people, it can be deliciously trippy and make one feel like they’re in a sort of awesome folksy twangy void.  “White Winter Hymnal” just turns into this collection of beautiful chorusing chords and beauty and the whole album does, but this one sticks out for some reason?

5. I Pledge Allegiance to Myself, Lizzie West and the White Buffalo
This album is an opus.  It’s just this collection of endless, epic music that goes and goes.  West has a darker thing going with some of her lyrics, but at the same time it feels just friendly and classic and perfect.  “God Damn That Man” stands out, if just because it’s so strong a statement, but it’s all fabulous.

4. The Old Days Feeling, Mirah
Her other albums are less folksy.   You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This has hints of it, and To All We Stretch the Open Arm does too, but the former is more cutesy folk and the latter is more orchestral twang.  This one isn’t pure folk twang, but it’s got a nice dose of it.  She’s another of my Portland babies, and I salute her.  I love her pretty much always, really.  I think my favorite track here is “Lone Star,” if just because I love the occasional sweet shout-out to the land of my ancestors.  Some of my friends get to be descended from explorers and adventurers and things.  I get cowboys.

3. Summer Rains, the Ditty Bops
Finally, I got another of their albums!  And this one is just as cute as the first.  It’s sweet and feminine but not saccharine and it’s just — even when it’s sad, it makes me happy to listen to, basically.  “Feel From the Outside In” has earned the My Favorite Track position, for obvious fanmixy reasons, but I give them props for the instrumental jam “Interlude For Ten Strings,” too.

2. Well, obviously, the Firefly soundtrack.
Sometimes a good instrumental folk party is just what you need.  Whether you’re feeling intense longing, intense happiness, intense sadness, intense determination, intense whatever, it seems to amplify things in the best of ways.  You can just sink right into the music.  And it’s impossible to pick favorite tracks, because they’re all beautiful and brilliant and beautiful.

1. Barton Hollow, the Civil Wars
Surprise surprise, right?  I mean, that love letter wasn’t a huge tip-off.  I switch which song I’m in love with the most about every four days, but right now it’s either the titular track or the cover of “Dance Me to the End of Love.”  It’s just beautiful.  It’s everything I want in folksy twangy epic win albums.

–your fangirl heroine.

Fictional Friday :: Yield to Me [an Eric/Sookie fanmix]

7 May

1. I Will Possess Your Heart (Death Cab for Cutie)
You reject my advances and desperate pleas; I won’t let you let me down so easily, so easily.  You gotta spend some time, love.  You gotta spend some time with me.  And I know that you’ll find, love, I will possess your heart.

2. All of Me (Angus & Julia Stone)
Is there a cure for this pain?  Maybe I should have something to eat.  But food won’t take this emptiness away, I’m hungry for you my love.

3. Bad Sun (The Bravery)
I know we’re not like everyone.  You and me we grew, under a bad sun.  Every day you bring me pain and we savor it like rain; we hold it on our tongues just like wine.

4. Want to Be Bad (Tegan and Sara)
You might be dead but it’s hard to know.  The night turns in but you all go, go.  Don’t get in over your head, I just want to be bad.

5. Rise to Me (The Decemberists)
My darling, my sweetheart, I am in your sway.  Two cold climbs, come spring time, so let me hear you say, my love: I am gonna stand my ground, they rise to me and I’ll blow them down.

6. The Valley (Eisley)
Real heart breaker, come and take me to the real heartache that everyone’s talking ’bout.  You see me then you don’t, but get it right, I don’t believe in magic. 

7. I Want to Sing (Regina Spektor)
Love is a dangerous pastime, caught between madness and gladness of flight.  Nothing is wrong and nothing is right, falling asleep in your arms every night.

8. The Rest of My Life (The Early November)
Passed out from misuse of the sunlight, without a, a mechanical device.  Anymore comfort rolls in a pack of twenty with all the hands to protect you from the ghouls and the bears and uncomfortable stares that will illegally taunt you.

9. Undisclosed Desires (Muse)
You trick your lovers that you’re wicked and divine.  You may be a sinner, but your innocence is mine.

10. Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song) (Fiona Apple)
So why did I kiss him so hard late last Friday night, and keep on letting him change all my plans?  I’m either so sick in the head I need to be bled dry, to quit, or I just really used to love him, I sure hope that’s it.

11. Your Protector (Fleet Foxes)
As you lay to die beside me, baby on the morning the shootin’ came.  Would you wait for me?  The other one would wait for me.  You run with the devil.

12. Suffocation (Crystal Castles)
Humility yet to be seen, models made of plasticine, morality disgrace us now, entertain and take a bow.

13. Go Away My Lover (Elizabeth and the Catapult)
Go away my lover, darling won’t you go? Leave me to my tower, leave me all alone.  Go away my lover, cut these tethers free, leave me to my island of pine and evergreen.

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